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The Ron Paul Newsletters / Ron Paul Paper Trail – Survival Report January 1994

(The following contains language that may well be considered offensive. This post is an attempt to make clear what was written in past Ron Paul newsletters. More information can be found here)

had monitored the Weavers for 18 months. Yet the y never told the FBI about this. Instead, they suggested that the FBI shoot anyone who carried a weapon outside the house.

That order led to the death of Vicki Weaver. The sniper who shot her, Lon Horiuchi, blew her head off. Horiuchi was trained to hit a quarter-inch target from 200 yards. Yet at the trial he testified that it was “accidental” and he was trying to hit someone else.

The Marshall’s Service also reported to the FBI that the Weavers attacked the government, killed an officer, and had the government “pinned down in a fire fight.” This too was a lie. The Service had told the FBI that Mrs. Weaver was a religious fanatic who intended to kill her children and then herself. But there was no evidence of any of it. In fact, she was a good Christian and a fine wife and mother.

Further, they did not mention that they had shot Weaver’s son in the back the day before the FBI arrived. The FBI did not find out about it until they discovered the boy’s body. The FBI now claims it thought he was shot by someone in the family.

Other troubling aspects of the case include entrapment. The reason the government was interested in the Weavers was because he sawed off a shotgun. But the BATF solicited Weaver to cut it a quarter-inch short and sell the guns to an undercover agent. The government paid Weaver $300 to commit the “crime” they later used to justify their siege.

A U.S. Marshal was shot only after Weaver’s son had been killed. A federal jury acquitted the Weavers for this. The Justice Department is reviewing the case under the auspices of the Office of Professional Responsibility. If the final report follows the tradition of its report on Waco, it will be a whitewash.

“Waco, the Big Lie” videotapes are available for $24.95, including shipping. Send your payment to 18333 Egret Bay, Suite 265, Houston, TX 77058, or phone 800-RON-PAUL.

The ADL Gets Off Scot Free

More than a year ago, the Anti-Defamation League office in San Francisco was caught illegally buying confidential police and other government records in pursuit of groups thought to be anti-Semitic. The uproar caused firings at the ADL, but in court, it got off easy.

The District Attorney in San Francisco agreed to drop the investigation. The Anti-Defamation League agreed to spend $75,000 in San Francisco “combating bigotry.” The ADL did not admit to any wrongdoing. But they promised not to obtain confidential information from any California state or local law enforcement officer in the future.

A woman who represented one of the organizations spied upon was not happy. “Not only is there no admission of guily,” she said “but the ADL are portrayed as good Samaritans waving the flag against bigotry.” Evidence indicated the ADL monitored such groups as the Davidians in Waco, and may have helped instigate the attack.

AIDS Dementia

If you heard a certain behavior of yours caused a deadly disease, wouldn’t you immediately cease and desist? Well, gays in San Francisco do not obey the dictates of good sense. They have stopped practicing “safe sex.” The rate of AIDS infection is on the increase again. From the gay point of view, the reasons seem quite sensible, as the New York Times explained.

First, these men don’t really see a reason to live past their fifties. They are not married, they have no children, and their lives are centered on new sexual partners. These conditions do not make one’s older years the happiest. Second, because sex is the center of their lives, they want it to be as pleasurable as possible, which means unprotected sex. Third, they enjoy the attention and pity that comes with being sick. Put it all together, and you’ve got another wave of AIDS infections, that you, dear taxpayer, will be asked to pay for.


The Council on Foreign Relations, organized in 1921, started publishing its journal Foreign Affairs 70 years ago. Most Americans have never heard of the journal and quite possibly have never heard of the CFR. In the early years the CFR was very secretive and only the newsletter industry along with the John Birch Society ever mentioned it or tried to explain its program and power.

Times have changed. Ever since the 1980s when Ronald Reagan, who was once a critic of the CFR and the Trilateral Commission, hosted the Trilateral Commission in the White House, there has been much more openness and boldness on the part of both of these organizations.

jan 1994 1 jan 1994 2

A scan of this newsletter can be found at @RP_Newsletter, “January 1994: The Ron Paul Survival Report”.

On August 19th, 2014 the link to this report was changed from a defunct one at the New Republic to scans at the blog @RP_Newsletter.

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The Ron Paul Newsletters / Ron Paul Paper Trail – Survival Report January 1995

(The following contains language that may well be considered offensive. This post is an attempt to make clear what was written in past Ron Paul newsletters. More information can be found here)

Ten Militia Commandments

I’ve written in past issues about what worries Time, but which I consider one of the most encouraging developments in America, the 1,500 local militias now training to defend liberty. Congratulations to the subscribers who are among them. You are the backbone of the real America. You are also, therefore, possibly under BATF or other totalitarian federal surveillance, even though you are breaking no law, not even the unconstitutional Brady bill.

To help all of us remember what kind of a regime we live under, I want to share with you these rules from the Sons of Liberty, a militia in northern Alabama:

1. You can’t kill a Hydra by cutting off its head…Militia groups or Sons of Liberty clubs seem to find one another sooner or later. They make contact, set up liaison points and then go back to what they were doing: making preparations, carrying out low-profile political work, etc.

2. Small things are harder to find. Keep the group size down. If you’ve got more than 10-12, spin off another group and keep it compartmentalized.

3. Keep quiet and you’re harder to find. Beware of loose cannons and braggarts. What may be overlooked in a friend cannot be excused in a co-conspirator, and that’s what the government is going to consider you. Let him be your friend, but don’t recruit him. He’ll still be there when the time comes. Likewise beware of wives and sweethearts. “Hell hath no fury.”

4. Keep it legal. You may be offered a great deal on a load of M-16s by somebody who’s trusted by somebody you trust. DON’T! Entrapment is the way of all feds. As things roll downhill, random searches are going to be more and more common with less and less provocation. Don’t let them send you to jail on a charge that helps them discredit the movement.

5. Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket. If you have more than one rifle, store it in a hideaway spot. And remember to store ammunition and web gear with it, enough ammo for at least one combat load.

6. Hide your best eggs from prying eyes. Destroy any documents or discs that become unnecessary. Leave no clues. You are not a criminal, but that doesn’t stop them from trying to make you one.

7. Bojangles Robinson ain’t the only one who can tap. Avoid the phone as much as possible, and never speak in plain English about club business.

8. A rose by any other name smells just as sweet. Most groups meet under cover of another activity: a gun club, a Bible study, a self-help group, even a bowling league.

9. Remember you’re not alone. At this writing there were an estimated 1,500 militia groups scattered across the 48 states and Alaska. The feds are actively investigating about 80 with varying levels of resources and efforts.

10. Remember your principles. Don’t lose sight of our objective. The opposition will do its best to provoke some precipitous action on our part to discredit us and our cause. Follow the orders of Captain Parker at Lexington: Stand your ground. Don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war let it begin here.

Bearish on the Precious Metals?

The enthusiasm that was evident in the gold and silver markets in September has once again given way to disappointment. The failure of both key metals to break key technical and psychological levels, namely $400 on gold and $6 on silver, has sent many investors back to the sidelines. The gold shares as they tend to do, suffered bigger percentage losses than the metals. The general relationship between movements in the metal and the major gold shares is about five to one. If gold goes up or down 5%, as it has recently, the shares will go up or down approximately 25%.

Precipitating the latest drop was the belief the Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan’s preemptive interest-rate hikes were working. Contributing to the slide was the election of the Republicans to control of both houses of Congress for the first time in 40 years. The initial take by the precious metals market was that maybe there is light at the end of the long deficit and inflation tunnel and, therefore, the dollar will once again gain the confidence of the marketplace as a store of value.

The question we must now ask is: where do we go from here? The bears on gold say that high interest rates globally make the opportunity cost of holding gold too high at this time.

The bearish argument is compelling, but it misses the point. The Orange County debacle is just the tip of the derivative iceberg. Private losses are estimated at close to $75 billion. The Fed is not going to keep raising interest rates. They are stuck. The U.S. is the biggest debtor nation. If Greenspan keeps raising rates, he will drive the deficit through the roof, no matter what piddling cuts the Republicans have in mind. The derivative problem will continue to get worse. The real reason Greenspan raised interest rates was not to combat inflation – after all, the Fed exists to inflate – but rather to execute a plan of interest-rate arbitrage in the currency markets to stave off the run taking place on the dollar.

With $15.9 trillion in overall debt – government, corporate, and individual – the Fed cannot allow the debt bubble to burst; otherwise the world would face a massive deflation and the dollar and all currencies would be destroyed as they are all over-leveraged, not unlike Orange County. Unfortunately, we could go on and on for the reasons to be bullish, but the bottom line for gold is the dollar, and it doesn’t look good for the dollar.

Of all the gold shares that are currently in an oversold position, points out Greg Orrell, my recommended gold stock broker. Santa Fe Pacific Gold (FLD NYSE $13 3/8) is the best buy at the current time. The company has high-quality, low-cost mines located in the U.S. and is currently producing 900,000 ounces annually, projected to go up to 1.5 million ounces by 1998. The share not only had to absorb the massive selling that took place with gold going down, but it also got hit at the same time with shares that were issued as a dividend from its former parent, Santa Fe Pacific Corp.

A Resurrected Ecu?

You might think that the Trilateralists had given up on creating the European Currency Unit, the Ecu, to replace all existing European currencies, and to be combined with the dollar and yen in a new world order money. The dream seemingly died two years ago when the D-mark became so out of line that the Exchange Rate Mechanism simply fell apart. After Denmark and Britain pulled out, it seemed dead.

But that would be a mistaken impression. The transnational elite hasn’t given up on the Ecu any more than it gave up on creating a world agency to manage trade after the Senate defeated it in 1948. The establishment still gather [sic] in Brussels to plot their monetary designs.

This description was buried in the Wall Street Journal: “once a month, ranks of dark limousines parked outside the modern

jan 1995 1 jan 1995 2

A scan of this newsletter can be found at @RP_Newsletter, “January 1995: The Ron Paul Survival Report”.

Originally, this post included only a partial listing of the “Ten Militia Commandments”. On August 19th, 2014, the remainder of the piece was added. On August 19th, 2014 the link to this report was changed from a defunct one at the New Republic to scans at the blog @RP_Newsletter.

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The Ron Paul Newsletters / Ron Paul Paper Trail – Political Report November 1990

(The following contains language that may well be considered offensive. This post is an attempt to make clear what was written in past Ron Paul newsletters. More information can be found here)

In that same Federalist Paper, Madison wrote:

Instead of being analogous to the power of declaring war (the president’s power as commander in chief) affords a striking illustration of the incompatibility of the two powers in the same hand. Those who are to conduct a war cannot, in the nature of things, be proper or safe judges, whether a war ought to be commenced, continued or concluded. They are barred from the latter functions by a great principle in free government, analogous to that which separates the sword from the purse, or the power of executing from the power of enacting laws.

Jews and Christians Against a Mideast War

I was please to facilitate, and to sign, an ad that ran on the op-ed page of the New York Times last month. It denounced the smear of anti-Semitism used on war opponents, and noted that “America can only be harmed by this war. Our kids killed, our liberties suppressed, our taxes raised, the government engorged, the recession deepened, our constitution shredded.” It urged those “salivating for war” to “buy rifles and parachute into Baghdad. But not to kill our soldiers and wreck our economy.” The promoters of the war want a “New World Order,” said the ad. We believe in the “old American republic.” Co-chairman of the new group are Burt Blumert of the Center for Libertarian Studies and Lew Rockwell of the Mises Institute. Other signers included: Professor Richard M. Ebeling of Hillsdale College, Professor Paul Gottfried of Elizabethtown College, Professor Edward Kaplan of Western Washington University, Dr. Gary North of Remnant Review, entrepreneur James Rodney, and Professor Murray N. Rothbard of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

The committee has a small deficit. To help, and to join, send dues of $50 to JCAMW, PO Box 2802, Auburn, AL 36830.

The Duke’s Victory

David Duke received 44% of the vote in the Senate primary race. In Louisiana, 60% of the white vote, and 9% of the black vote! This totaled 100,000 more votes than the current governor when he won.

Duke lost the election, but he scared the blazes out of the Establishment. If the official Republican hadn’t been ordered to drop out, he might have won. Certainly there would have been a run-off.

Duke’s platform called for tax cuts, no quotas, no affirmative action, no welfare, and no busing. “Tonight, we concede the election,” he said. “But we will never concede out fight for equal rights for all Americans.”

To many voters, this seems like just plain good sense. Duke carried baggage from his past, but the voters were willing to overlook that. And if he had been afforded the forgiveness an ex-communist gets, he might have won.

Liberals like Richard Cohen of the Washington Post say he got so many votes because Louisianians were racists and ignorant. Baloney.

David Broder, also of the Post and equally liberal, writing on an entirely different subject, had it right: “No one wants to talk about [race] publicly, but if you ask any campaign consultant or pollster privately, you can confirm the sad reality that a great many working-class and middle-class white Americans are far less hostile to the rich and their tax breaks than they are to the poor and minorities with their welfare and affirmative-action programs.”

Liberals are notoriously blind to the sociological effects of their own programs. David Duke was hurt by this past. How many more Dukes are there waiting in the wings without such a taint?

More Federal Spying

On September 1, a federal data bank for tracking physicians, dentists, and other health-care professionals began operating at a cost of $16 billion. It will accumulate data on 50,000 providers in the first year. When a doctor is sued, his name is put on a blacklist. Since 80% of the OB-GYN doctors are sued, many innocent physicians will be blacklisted wrongly.

This program is designed to monitor physicians, but it will spread to all professions and businesses. If it is right for physicians, why not for attorneys, business people, and everyone else?


Liberal Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) recently pointed out that Jack Kemp’s 27-person public affairs office is spending its time on Kemp’s next campaign instead of HUD.

Mikulski, chairman of the appropriations subcommittee that oversees HUD, deleted the funding to cries of anguish from Kemp. Undoubtedly it will be restored, but I still enjoyed the whole thing.

U.N. Tyranny

I recently visited a Congressional friend involved in foreign affairs, and he told me that the administration may push

nov 1990 11 nov 1990 21

This document is now on scribd, in two parts: “Ron Paul Newsletter November 1990 Page 3” and “Ron Paul Newsletter November 1990 Page 4”.

A scan of this newsletter can be found at @RP_Newsletter, “November 1990: The Ron Paul Political Report”.

On August 19th, 2014 the link to this report was changed from a defunct one at the New Republic to scans at the blog @RP_Newsletter. On August 20th, a link was added to an upload of the document on scribd.

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Five Refutations of Andrew Sullivan And A Puzzling Daily Dish Reader

I gave praise to Mr. Sullivan yesterday for retracting his Ron Paul endorsement. That he did so took courage, for no one wants to admit they may be wrong, and because he shares some key principles with the man, such as an end to extravagant military excursions and prison for drug possession. I do not make these refutations to pick a fight, but because I think any defenses or points in favor of Paul should be responded to. I think there is a dangerous aspect to Paul that is not there in say, Rick Santorum, not because some of the policy ideas he and Mr. Sullivan share are poor or destructive, but because some of them are very good, which causes advocates to ignore all other aspects of the man’s character and policy because of the quality of some proposals.

I see Paul as a sort of strange twin to George W. Bush. While Paul is portrayed as a stark contrast to Bush in foreign policy and domestic spending, the same impulsive, impatient broad statements and ideas, unqualified by in-depth analysis or examination is there in Paul’s writings (with the newsletters, in terms of writing style and ideas, they fit in very well with), the same stubborn, superficial approach is there in Paul as it was in Bush. This is the case in Paul, whether it be his economic ideas, his Trilateralist ravings, or his theory that FDR allowed Pearl Harbor to take place to further his own ambitions. Before, An Epic Grand Overseas Adventure and Faith Based Initiatives were great ideas, a refreshing contrast to the debauched and ambitionless Clinton years, that were to be embraced, never mind the details. Now, A Gold Standard, A Razing of All Programs Home And Abroad, An End To The Fed are great ideas that are to be endorsed, never mind the details.

A small note: a decade ago, Bush also presented himself as a humble, consistent, plain-spoken man from small-town america, a fine contrast to the know-it-all elites.

The following appeared in Mr. Sullivan’s blog over the past week.

Ron Paul, “Bigot”

A video that attempts to present an image of Paul counter to that of the one in the newsletters.

A man arrives at a hospital with his pregnant wife who needs medical care. They do not receive it because of their race. The police are called, but Ron Paul suddenly appears and delivers the baby, though it’s still-born.

I find it strange that Mr. Sullivan, and others, seem to think those who are occasionally malicious, callous, or cruel towards someone because of their race are old-time Hollywood villains who twirl their mustaches while cackling of their evil plans, tossing babies onto railroad tracks and running down women. History is filled with those of one skin color who’ve been very genial with people of another skin color, and who will also be fine with occasionally hurting some by selling them substandard housing or medicine, because they are a lesser kind of people, or maybe just because they have less ability to resort to the law, the police, and power overall, for help.

Let us be clear what Paul, a champion of accountability is being praised for in this commercial: doing his job. To quote Chris Rock, “Do you want a fucking cookie?” Had he not done so, and there was the same accountability expected of doctors for all patients, he would be fired, if not sued for negligence.

Were Paul President, and the ideas he has championed in the past were implemented, I assume we would have entirely private hospitals. Those private hospitals could legally, again, consistent with Paul’s explicitly stated beliefs – not those still under question in his newsletters, but in Freedom Under Siege – refuse treatment for this black couple, on the grounds of their race, or whatever grounds they wanted.

The ad ends with this voice-over:

He’s just an honest man, which is something we need in this day and time. There’s a lot of politics and no honesty. When you have honesty, people will do anything to blot you out. And that’s what people will try to do with him, is blot him out. Because he will be honest.

So, when publications that Paul profited from are brought up, which contain instructions on how to kill a black man and get away with it, which Paul has freely admitted to being involved in, then later denied it, and now refuses to even answer any questions on, those who brought up the material will be chastised for persecuting him for his honesty.

The Gays Are Not So Upset

Weigel wonders why the homophobia in the newsletters hasn’t gotten much attention. Wise words from Dan Savage:

There is no comparing Paul and Santorum, said Savage, because Paul is a leave-us-alone libertarian. “Ron is older than my father, far less toxic than Santorum, and, as he isn’t beloved of religious conservatives, he isn’t out there stoking the hatreds of our social and political enemies,” he explained. “And Ron may not like gay people, and may not want to hang out with us or use our toilets, but he’s content to leave us the fuck alone and recognizes that gay citizens are entitled to the same rights as all other citizens. Santorum, on the other hand, believes that his bigotry must be given the force of law. That’s an important difference.”

Agreed. The attempt by the left and the neocon right to make Paul out to be the real bigot in this race is gob-smacking. Maybe one reason the gays are not so upset is because they have a better idea of what is threatening to them than Dave Weigel. (The exception is Jamie Kirchick, but he is as motivated by Israeli issues as gay ones).

I’ve been busy this year, so I may have missed the election of Dan Savage to the position of President Of All Homosexuals. I don’t think Savage has ever made the claim, nor would he, to speak for all gay men and women, though that appears to be the position given him here. I read Savage stating his opinion, and only his opinion, in the Weigel piece, with no dissenting or supporting opinions of other gay men and women. That they are entirely in accord with Savage is an assumption that Mr. Sullivan makes, and which I do not.

I’m critical of Ron Paul because publishing such things as an article about how to kill a black man and get away with it disgusts me. I do not assign him a role as the real bigot, as if this were a final place in a reality show contest, but rather, think it’s the simple obvious duty of skeptical thinkers to point out such things as this man’s profiting from racial paranoia, his encouragement of the quarantine of those with HIV and AIDS, and his support for the removal of legal protections that might prevent those with HIV or AIDS from being fired simply because they had the disease. I point these things out because of my belief in their inherent importance and a skeptical approach to all politicians, not from some larger goal to select Mitt Romney over Paul, and not because I’m an agent for Mossad.

The Newsletters Issue Bombs In Iowa

In the week since the scandal emerged, Paul’s favorable numbers among Democrats have gone from 59 to 70 percent, and stayed pretty much the same among Republicans and Democrats. So Kirchick’s story and our blogospheric debates seem have had one major impact: bolstering Paul’s support from the center-left.

Mr. Sullivan finds a causality here which escapes me. When two events take place in the same week, I think it remains an open question, absent linking evidence, that one is connected with the other.

Here is a possibility: Iowa is a state that has suffered greatly in the past decade with stagnating or declining wages, and many of their best men and women wounded or dead in poorly led overseas wars. They are looking for someone like them, who feels like they are, an outsider distant from power. The newsletters will be ignored, just as Pat Buchanan’s past vileness was ignored in 1996, because they dealt with people outside of Iowa life and culture. Had the newsletters featured the same vile content about christians as they had about blacks, gays, and jews, Paul’s campaign would be over.

“Dr Paul is consistent and honest, which is very hard to find.”

Quote of the Day

“I voted for Obama in 2008 but we need a change. Dr Paul is consistent and honest, which is very hard to find. He is not just telling us what we have heard before,” – Samantha Dunn, a 28-year-old teacher in Iowa, to the Daily Telegraph.

It would seem Rick Santorum, one of the more loathsome creatures of this earth, is consistent and honest as well. He would also, no doubt, be a change from the current administration. Pat Buchanan, supported by Paul in 1992, and very successful in Iowa in 1996, very much fits the bill as well.

This quote is just that, an excerpt, so there may be fuller thoughts behind it, but what’s striking is that it places agency entirely with the candidate rather than the voter. This song right now is boring, hopefully this next one will be better. This is when the phrase, occasionally used, “the Ron Paul cult” fits because in a cult you are entirely beholden to a leader, freed from having your own thoughts and demands. Mr. Sullivan finds hope in the above statement, I do not.

Engagement in democracy does not mean simply evaluating the personal traits of potential leaders, then blindly following and defending them, but having a set of well-thought out demands, asking that of one’s leaders, and doing everything possible to implement those reforms. The president should be an instrument of the people, of those ideas, rather than one in a series of magicians who’ll entertain until the children get bored. If you do not have such an active population, then I think you have the possibility of a dangerous reactionary, whether Paul or someone else, taking power in these very difficult times.

Sorry, he’s a libertarian.

Dan Savage runs a letter from a reader pushing back against his tolerance of Paul’s record on gays:

Ron Paul does not advocate for leaving gays alone. He simply advocates for the states to be able to oppress them instead of Washington. Take, for example, this 2003 article. Paul decries the Supreme Court’s Lawrence v Texas decision that eliminated state sodomy laws:

“Consider the Lawrence case decided by the Supreme Court in June. The Court determined that Texas had no right to establish its own standards for private sexual conduct, because gay sodomy is somehow protected under the 14th amendment ‘right to privacy.’ Ridiculous as sodomy laws may be, there clearly is no right to privacy nor sodomy found anywhere in the Constitution. There are, however, states’ rights—rights plainly affirmed in the Ninth and Tenth amendments. Under those amendments, the State of Texas has the right to decide for itself how to regulate social matters like sex, using its own local standards. But rather than applying the real Constitution and declining jurisdiction over a properly state matter, the Court decided to apply the imaginary Constitution and impose its vision on the people of Texas.”

Essentially, Paul has no interest in leaving anybody alone. He only wants to get rid of one government scared into submission by oppressive douchebags and replace it with 50 governments scared into submission by oppressive douchebags. That’s not really any better, and I think you may have missed that in your statement to Dave Weigel.

All this is true. Paul really is a federalist in the extreme sense, and he would give states and their courts the power to decide issues such as these. Of course, that also means that those states, like Massachusetts or Iowa or New York, can advance gay equality in a more organic, less top-down way – and Paul, unlike his colleagues, does not back a federal marriage amendment to prevent them. And note that Paul finds anti-sodomy laws “ridiculous”.

Sorry to break the news, but he’s a libertarian.

Lawrence v. Texas involved a group of police entering a house on the grounds that there was a weapons disturbance, who instead came across two men engaged in sex. The two men were arrested for violation of Texas sodomy laws.

The key sentences of Paul’s objection:

The Court determined that Texas had no right to establish its own standards for private sexual conduct, because gay sodomy is somehow protected under the 14th amendment “right to privacy.” Ridiculous as sodomy laws may be, there clearly is no right to privacy nor sodomy found anywhere in the Constitution.

My bolds. Here is Paul, in his book, Freedom Under Siege:

Privacy is one of the most sacred elements of a free society. It is now common to pass laws which routinely violate the Constitutional guarantee that our homes and persons are not to be invaded by government agents.

Sorry to break the news, but if he’s a libertarian, he’s an awfully inconsistent one.


A Puzzling Daily Dish Reader

A reader writes in to Andrew Sullivan’s blog about the newsletters:

I think Massie’s argument is crap. The reason people are ignoring the 30 year old newsletters written by other people is because they are 30 year old newsletters written by other people.

People don’t care about these things, because they hear Ron Paul talk and they get the message. They get the idea, and they even get that the guy is “just” the carrier of the idea, and not a Newt-aggrandizing ego-maniac. These are very attractive qualities. And his positions – particularly his dedicated anti-war position, in the context of the Obama betrayals – are extremely appealing to huge swathes of the country.

I wouldn’t allow myself to actually think he was a contender until recently. But look at the field.

Here’s the part of the letter that I find puzzling.

Look at the international situation. Look at Iraq. Look at minorities. Look at the economy. If “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for,” as B.O. suggested in one of his hollowest campaign speeches, then isn’t Paul the one to give us back to ourselves? Who is left?

I really don’t understand how the bolded item fits with the others. The others would all be threats and problems outside of ourselves, which need to be fixed or abandoned. When I think of “minorities” in the current economic climate, I think of certain racial groups that are suffering even more because of crisises in poverty, housing, and education. They are fellow citizens, too many of whom are facing an even greater plight than many of us. I would think of them being part of a list that would include fellow citizens who are all suffering, such as children, students, the elderly, low wage workers, etc., and I think I would try to come up with a less general label than “minorities”.

The only way “Look at minorities” fits the rest of that section is if…I look at them as a threat or a problem outside of myself. Now who might possibly perceive them that way? Just think about that for a minute. I’m curious if Mr. Sullivan noticed that same strange incongruity.

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The Ron Paul Newsletters / Ron Paul Paper Trail – Ron Paul Political Report June 1992

(The following contains language that may well be considered offensive. This post is an attempt to make clear what was written in past Ron Paul newsletters. More information can be found here)

Ron Paul
Political Report

June 15, 1992
Volume VI, Number 6

A Special Issue on Racial Terrorism

The Los Angeles and related riots mark a new era in American cultural, poltical, and economic life. We now know if we did not before, that we are under assault from thugs and revolutionaries who hate Euro-American civilization and everything it stands for: private property, material success for those who earn it, and Christian morality.

This is America, 1992

Ten thousand stores and other buildings looted and burned, thousands beaten and otherwise seriously injured, 52 people dead. That was the toll of the Los Angeles riots in which we saw white men pulled from their cars and trucks and shot or brutally beaten. (In every case, the mob was not too enraged to pick the victim’s pocket.)

We saw Korean and white stores targeted by the mob because they “exploited the community,” i.e., sold products people wanted at prices they were willing to pay.

Worst of all, we saw the total breakdown of law enforcement, as black and white liberal public officials had the cops and troops disarmed in the face of criminal anarchy.

In San Francisco and perhaps other cities, says my coin expert Burt Blumert, the rioting was led by red-flag carrying members of the Revolutionary Communist Party and the Workers World Party, both Trotskyite-Maoist. The police were allowed to intervene only when the rioters assaulted the famous Fairmont and Mark Hopkins hotels atop Nob Hill. A friend of Burt’s, a jewelry store owner, had his store on Union Square looted by blacks, and when the police arrived in response to his frantic calls, their orders were to protect his life, but not to interfere with the rioting.

Even though the riots were aimed at whites (and in L.A. at Koreans who had committed the crime of working hard and being successful, and at Cambodians in Long Beach), even though anti-white and anti-Asian epithets filled the air, this is not considered a series of hate crimes, nor a violation of the civil rights of whites or Asians.

The criminals who terrorized our cities–in riots and on every non-riot day–are not exclusively young black males, but they largely are. As children, they are trained to hate whites, to believe that white oppression is responsible for all black ills, to “fight the power,” to steal and loot as much money from the white enemy as possible. Anything is justified against “The Man.”

And “The Woman.” A lady I know recently saw a black couple in the supermarket with a cute little girl, three years old or so. My friend waved to the tiny child, who scowled, stuck out her tongue, and said (somewhat tautologically): “I hate you, white honkey.” And the parents were indulgent. Is any white child taught to hate in this way? I’ve never heard of it. If a white child made such a remark to a black woman, the parents would stop it with a reprimand or a spank. But this is normal, and in fact benign, compared to much of the anti-white ideology in the thoroughly racist black community.

The black leadership indoctrinates its followers with phony history and phony theory to bolster its claims of victimology. Like the communists who renounced all that was bourgeois, the blacks reject all that is “Eurocentric.” They demand their own kind of thinking, and deny the possibility of non-blacks understanding it.

The insurrectionists and revolutionaries intended to destroy large sections of Los Angeles. Why did the ghetto youths so furiously rage together? Was it because they have been neglected? Hardly. Welfare has transferred $2.5 trillion from white middle-class taxpayers to welfare programs in the last 30 years. And if we adjust that figure for 1992 dollars the total is more $7 trillion.

Are blacks being denied economic opportunity? The cities could have freer markets, but so could the rest of the country, where there is no rioting and little street-crime. Are black killers and looters responding to racism? Japanese Americans were treated far worse in California than blacks. They were even put in concentration camps by the evil Earl Warren, John J. McCloy, and Franklin D. Roosevelt, yet Japanese-Americans have never rioted. But Korean-Americans, hated by blacks, never riot, and in fact are some of the most productive people in America (the reason for black hatred).

The cause of the riots is plain: barbarism. If the barbarians cannot loot sufficiently through legal channels (i.E., the riots being the welfare-state minus the middle-man), they resort to illegal ones, to terrorism. Trouble is, few seem willing to do anything to stop them. The cops have been handcuffed. And property owners are not allowed to defend themselves. The mayor of Los Angeles, for example, ordered the Korean storekeepers who defended themselves arrested for “discharging a firearm within city limits.”

Perhaps the most scandalous aspect of the Los Angeles riots was the response by the mayors, the media, and the Washington politicians. They all came together as one to excuse the violence and to tell white America that it is guilty, although the ugilt can be assuaged by handing over more cash. It would be reactionary, racist, and fascist, said the media, to have less welfare or tougher law enforcement. America’s number one need is an unlimited white checking account for underclass blacks.

Rather than helping, all this will ensure that guerilla violence will escalate. There will be more occasional eruptions such as we saw in Los Angeles, but just as terrifying are the daily muggings, robberies, burglaries, rapes, and killings that make our cities terror zones.

The rioters said they were acting out their frustration over the aquittal of four L.A. policemen accused of using excessive force when arresting Rodney G. King. In fact, they were looking for an excuse to kill, burn, and loot. Nonetheless, it is important to understand why the jury decided not to convict, whether or not we agree with their verdict.

The California highway patrol began chaing drunk driver Rodney King, a black man with a long arrest record, and his two passengers on the night of March 3, 1991. He was recklessly driving at spees up to 115 mph for almost eight miles. They raced on the highway until King turned off to drive through traffic lights and stop signs on residential streets (families could have been killed). The L.A. police department came to assist in the high-speed chase with lights and sirens on.

One of King’s passengers asked him to pull over. King initially refused, driving faster, but he finally complied. When the cops approached the car, suspecting armed criminals, the two black passengers immediately stepped out of the car, and fell flat on their stomachs with arms stretched out, as instructed. They were handcuffed.

King could have done the same. But he chose a different route. He refused to get out of the car. He stalled for a minute, and several times stepped out of the car and then back into it. The police wondered if he was searching the car for a gun. Once King stopped this game, he was told by cops with guns pointing at him to put his belly down on the ground with arms outstretched. Instead, King began to do a crazy dance and laugh freakishly. He even taunted the helicopter buzzing above him. This is why the police thought he was on PCP.

Despite police orders, King continued to dance, grabbing his buttocks to make lewd gestures at a female cop. Sgt. Koon [sic] approached him and warned that he would be stung with a Taser gun. King got down on his hands and knees, but refused to lay flat. He was again warned, but King refused. Officer Powell put his knee on King’s back to get him down on the groun so he could be handcuffed. King hit the ground.

But he bounced back up, shaking off all the police who were trying to get hold of him. Finally, Koon stung him with the gun, delivering 50,000 volts of electricity, and King fell to the ground again. But again he bounced up, prompting Koon to deliver another 50,000 volts. King fell again, this time into the proper position. Not a single baton blow had been delivered and the cops thought everything was over.

At this point, the video camera started to tape the action. Officer Powell approached King to put handcuffs on him, but this man weighing 250 pounds, and standing 6’4″ tall, shocked everyone by springing into action again from his flat position. Like a professional linebacker, he charged Powell, who thought King was going for his gun. That’s when Powell started using the baton.

At one point, Powell thought King was subdued, put away the baton and reached for the cuffs. But KIng started to stand up again. Remembering how King rushed him before, he put away his cuffs and brought out the baton again. One officer even tried to put his foot on King’s neck to prevent him from getting up again so he could be cuffed. In all, he was hit 56 times, but even in the end he refused to comply. He had to be cuffed in an odd position that risked the lives of the cops.

The hospital reported that King had suffered an injury on the face from when he fell to the ground and minor injuries to his leg. He was never hit on the spine or the head, which would have violated regulations. And he was not beaten nearly to death, as some have claimed.

The jury concluded that at every point in the night’s action, King was in control. He could have complied at any time and stopped th beating. And whether we agree or disagree with the jury’s verdict–that the cops did not use excessive force–it is instructive to know what they saw and what the media still refuses to tell us or show us.

None of the major networks showed the video scene when King rushed Officer Powell after the first Taser jolt. Only Cnn showed it, one time. And no major paper even mentioned it. Neither did nay major paper or network tell ofthe two passengers who complied and were peacefully arrested. Why? We were shown the section of tape where the cops hit King as a metaphor for white racism. Shown it again and again, we were supposed to feel guilty.

Not long after this incident, King was found trying to pick up a transvestite prostitute, and when caught, tried to run over the cops who intervened. He was not arrested. This was not reported outside of L.A. He was also not jailed for violating his parole (for armed robbery) by drunk and reckless driving and violently resisting arrest.

This verdict was handed down at 3:15 pm on April 29. For weeks we had heard threats that the blacks would riot if the officers were not convicted. Taking that into account, did the media or politicians defer to the jury (as they do when a liberal-approved criminal is released)? Not at all.

At 5:10 om, liberal black L.A. Mayor Tom Bradley said he was shocked and outraged at the verdict. He denounced the jurors for approving “the senseless and brutal beating of a helpless man.” As an afterthought, he asked the city to “remain calm.” With those words, he might as well have thrown a match into a pool of gasoline. It was permission for the blacks to “express their rage.”

Ten minutes later, the police got their first report of trouble. Blacks were throwing beer cans at passing cars. When the police showed up, the crowds had gotten much bigger. Cops tried to control them, but realized they were outnumbered. Realizing that they could not use their guns or even look cross-eyed at a black, a video recorded a policeman saying: “It’s not worth it. Let’s go.”

Indeed it wasn’t worth it. The cops could only have put themselves on trial and had their lives ruined too. Ironically they were being filmed and are now denounced. But it was the Establishment’s reaction to the Rodney King verdict that set the precedent that black criminals always have the benefit of the doubt over white police.

At 5:45, the field commander in the area where the riots began ordered that no police go into the area. “I want everybody out of here. Get out. Now.” He wanted to protect his police force, which could take no action without media criticism and legal action, from rioters who vastly outnumbered them and were sometimes better armed.

The blacks started to attack cars driven by whites and light-skinned Hispanics with crowbars, rocks, bottles, and even a metal traffic sign. At the last minute, some police officers resuced a woman abandoned in her car and were pelted by rocks as they left.

At 6:45, a white man was dragged from a delivery truck and thrown to the ground and beaten as black assailants yelled, “That’s how Rodney King felt, white boy!” ANother white truck driver, Reginald O. Denny, pulled into the area and five blacks beat him nearly to death. One threw a fire extinguisher at his head as he lay unconscious, breaking nearly every bone in his face. A white boy was pulled from his motorcycle and shot in the head.

All this happened less than an hour and a half after th mayor had denounced the verdict. Rather than call for even minimal standards of justice, the Establishment coalesced into its excuse-making mode, justifying black terrorism in various ways. It was caused by poverty, frustration, “12 years of neglect,” etc., but never evil. And the fires burned out of control as firemen were attacked by the rioters as well, in one case with an axe.

All banks within the vicinity of rioting, meaning nearly all of central L.A., were immediately shut down. People who wanted to cash checks or make deposits were shocked to find them closed. They were also stunned to find find city transit not running. Taxicabs were nowhere in sight. White people found themselves walking alone many blocks to get home, running the minefield of black gangs out for their blood.

Many people tried to buy guns. But, whoops, California has a 14-day waiting period. And just to make sure honest Californians could not get ammunition for the firearms they already owned (poor rage filled youth might be shot), Mayor Tom Bradley ordered all gun and ammo shops closed, a great help to criminals who had stocked up earlier, or who could simply break in and loot.

Another group that had stocked up were Korean merchants, many of whom defended their places with guns, and later were arrested for illegal use of firearms. As one told the L.A. Times, “Two looters entered my store; one left.” These Korean immigrants were the only people to act like real Americans, mainly because they have not yet been assimilated into our rotten liberal culture, which admonishes whites faced by raging blacks to lie back and think of England.

White reporters and photographers who entered the riot zone were dragged from their cars and beaten. A freelance reporter for the Boston Globe was shot five times. The anti-white hate crimes accumulated.

In the midst of the rioting, Jesse Jackson and Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) spouted the pro-terrorist line that it was all justified because blacks “can’t get no justice.” The newsmen of the major networks interviewed them and lovingly bemoaned the “plight of the inner-city youth.” Liberal statist Jack Kemp weighed in with a victimological line similar to Jackson’s, saying we need more federal programs for the cities.

As the Establishment promised to spread more white taxpayers’ money around the inner city, the killers and looters spread their violence to Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Fairfax, and Westwood. A mall in Compton burned. But the violence wasn’t limited to the L.A. area. It extended to Long Beach, Cal. (where more than 500 Cambodian-owned businesses were torched); Seattle, Wash.; Eugene, Ore.; San Francisco, Cal.; San Jose, Cal.; Las Vegas, Nev. (where it still lingers as I write); Madison, Wis.; Birmingham, Ala.; and Atlanta, Ga. Terrorism swept America.

In Las Vegas, for example, a white man was pulled out of his car and severely beaten by blacks breaking up from an anti-white rally at 10:30 pm. The blacks shouted racial insults as the police carted him away to the hospital. The crowd then pelted SWAT teams in armored vehicles with rocks and bottles. Someone in the crowd of blacks shot a gun and the police responded with tear gas.

I’ve got a feeling that there were many more incidents of looting, fires, and violence that we haven’t heard about for the simple fact that the media doesn’t want us to know about them. Newsmen and editors are protecting us from the truth.

Order was only restored in L.A. when it came time for the blacks to pick up their welfare checks three days after rioting began. The “poor” lined up at the post office to get their handouts (since there were no deliveries) — and then complained about slow service.

What if the checks had never arrived? No doubt the blacks would have fully privatized the welfare state through continued looting. But they were paid off and the violence subsided.

Several days after the violence ended, we learned that there would have been blacks on the King jury–if the NAACP hadn’t engaged in jury tampering by telling potential black jurors that it was their racial duty to convict the cops. The blacks admitted this to defense lawyers, and were rightly excluded from jury. This is a serious crime, but the NAACP will not be prosecuted.

Imagine the irony. Blacks have whined endlessly that letting the cops off was “all white” (even though the jury included an Hispanic and an Asian). But it was the leading “civil rights” organization that is at fault for this.

What did Bush say about the riots? First he promised to have the Justice Department see if it could retry the cops for violating Rodney King’s “civil rights.” But what about the constitutional prohibition of double jeopardy? No one cares.

Then Bush promised an immediate payoff of $600 million to L.A. gangsters. When the liberals called this a “token”, he raised the amount to $1.2 billion. He has vacillated between pretending to be a tough guy and condemning the rioters, and taking up the Jack Kemp line that inner-city “despair” can be fixed through more federal programs.

But this is capitulation to terrorist demands. The advice some libertarians give–“don’t vote, it only encourages them”–applies here. We must not kowtow to the street hoodums and their santimonious leaders.

At a Washington, D.C., rally two weeks after the L.A. attempt at revolution, many poured out to lobby for more money to be given to the cities. The most commonly held sign was: “Justice for Rodney King. Free all the L.A. prisoners.”

Now, consider for a moment what this slogan implies. Were they upset by the murders, the burned buildings, and the $1 billion in property damage? Not at all, except to use it as an excuse to get more cash. They wanted the cops jailed and the murderers, arsonists, and thieves set free. This came not from the underclass, but middle-class blacks and black political activists, who hold opinions not markedly different from the Crips and the Bloods.

But the Crips and the Bloods, it turns out, have been misunderstood, according to Ted Koppel who interviewed two of these animals. After spending several hours with them, he decided he liked them. Unfortunately, they didn’t pull him out of his stretch limousine.

Regardless of what the media tells us, most white Americans are not going to believe that they are at fault for what blacks have done to citiies across America. The professional blacks may have cowed the elites, but good sense survives at the grass roots.

Many more are going to have difficultly [sic] avoiding the belief that our country is being destroyed by a group of actual

The Ron Paul Political Report Special Issue on R The Ron Paul Political Report Special Issue on R The Ron Paul Political Report Special Issue on R

The Ron Paul Political Report Special Issue on R The Ron Paul Political Report Special Issue on R The Ron Paul Political Report Special Issue on R

The Ron Paul Political Report Special Issue on R

This document is on scribd, though pages 2, 3, 4, and 5 are missing: “Ron Paul Newsletter June 1992 page one”, “Ron Paul Newsletter June 1992 page six”, and “Ron Paul Newsletter June 1992 page seven”.

Scans of this full newsletter can be found at Et tu, Mr. Destructo? “The Ron Paul Political Report: Special Issue on Race Terrorism”.

On August 19th, 2014 the link to this report was changed from a defunct one at the New Republic to scans at the blog Et tu, Mr. Destructo? On August 20th, 2014, pages 2, 3, and 4, which had been missing from the transcript, were added in. On August 20th, a link was added to an upload of selected pages of the document on scribd.

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The Ron Paul Newsletters / Ron Paul Paper Trail – Ron Paul Political Report October 1990

(The following contains language that may well be considered offensive. This post is an attempt to make clear what was written in past Ron Paul newsletters. More information can be found here)

world…first by establishing socialist governments in the various nations and then consolidating them all through a ‘Great Merger,’ into an all-powerful world socialist super-state probably under the auspices of the United Nations.”

In 1986, in his last book before an early death, Gary urged us to Say No to the New World Order. He was a great man, and the prophet of our age. Gary, we miss you.

King City?

A mob of black demonstrators, led by the “Rev.” Al Sharpton, occupied and closed the Statue of Liberty recently, demanding that New York be renamed Martin Luther King City “to reclaim it for our people.”

Hmmm, I hate to agree with the Rev. Al, but maybe a name change is in order. Welfaria? Zooville? Rapetown? Dirtburg? Lazyopolis?

But Al, the Statue of Liberty? Next time, hold that demonstration at a food stamp bureau or a crack house.

Hate Crime?

Friends of big government, like HUD secretary Jack Kemp, can get away with things that would destroy an anti-establishment figure. Jim Watt described an affirmative-action committee as having “a Jew, two blacks, and a cripple.” and he wa–zoom–gone. But Kemp, pulling his car into a handicapped parking space in front of a Southern California newspaper, can say to an editor, “I’m handicapped–I work for the government” without being arrested by the Sensitivity Police.

Family Values on Pennsylvania Avenue

Doug Weed, assistant to the president for conservative liaison, was fired when he protested the White House invitation to gay leaders–the first in history–to watch the signing of the infamous Hate Crimes bill. Rumor has it that Weed also got in trouble for protesting, according to the Washington Times, an all-powerful “homosexual troika at the White House.”

Caring for the AIDS Patient

The government tells us that AIDS cannot be transmitted “casually.” The government also tells us that it should raise our taxes, and risk our sons for Saudi Arabia.

Recently, a non-government physician writing in Gene Antonio’s Healthwatch Report P.O. Box 90140-264, Arlington, TX 76004, $25 a year), gave some excellent advice “To Those Caring For The AIDS Patient.”

Among his recommendations: !) Wear rubber gloves when handling the clothes, dishes, etc. of the patient. Wear a surgical mask if he is coughing or wheezing. 2) Use paper palates and cups and burn them afterwards. 3) Boil all his laundry for at least 15 minutes. 4) Pour a half cup of Clorox in his bath water before draining it. 5) ALways wipe the toilet seat with a soapy paper towel. Do not put the towel in the toilet, but in a paper bag to be burned. 6) No kissing, since AIDS can be transmitted by saliva. 7) No sexual relations, since condoms are far from foolproof. 8) Do not allow the patient to eat in a restaurant. 9) Do not allow the patient to drive or operate machienry due to mental impairment.

oct 1990 1 oct 1990 2

oct 1990 3 oct 1990 4

A scan of this newsletter can be found at @RP_Newsletter, “October 1990: The Ron Paul Political Report”.

On August 19th, 2014, the full text for “Caring for the AIDS Patient” was added. On August 19th, 2014 the link to this report was changed from a defunct one at the New Republic to scans at the blog @RP_Newsletter.

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The Ron Paul Newsletters / Ron Paul Paper Trail – Ron Paul Political Report June 1990

(The following contains language that may well be considered offensive. This post is an attempt to make clear what was written in past Ron Paul newsletters. More information can be found here)

Race War?

Veteran FBI agent William L. Tafoya says we are headed for race war–public insurrections that will make the 1960s look mild, with many Americans injured or killed because they happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

His simplistic solution is to hire more police officers. But the problem is much deeper, and it was created by welfare programs, quota systems, and government interference in just about everything we do, plus the victimization mentality created by the civil rights movement, where every black failure is a a white crime. If there is indeed this sort of trouble ahead, it is just another reason why every honest American should be armed.

Black Robed Justice

Federal Judge Russell G. Clark ordered the school district in Kansas City, Missouri, to increase property for special programs and facilities designed to increase racial integration. By a 5-4 majority, the Supreme Court agreed that judges could raise taxes by fiat. Speaking for the Establishment, the liberal Christian Science Monitor said that “taxpayers’ rights to people long denied them, the court made the right decision.”

What about the Constitutional rights long denied the average white American taxpayer? They indeed do not count, now that judges can raise our taxes to fund whatever program of alleged racial justice that catches their fancy. Talk about something that will raise racial tensions and help bring about FBI Agent Tafoya’s prediction!

The Abolition of Private Property

Widow Evelyn Smith lives in a duplex in Chico, California, and rents half of it. As a devout Christian, she disapproves of people living together without being married, and when two prospective renters discovered that, they reported her to the state housing commission for discrimination. The commission ordered her to rent half of her house to people she didn’t want, and then fined her when she refused.

Mrs. Smith is appealing the decision, which the state commission says is very important. Mrs. Smith can’t be allowed to discriminate on the basis of sexual conduct she believes immoral, says the commission, because of the “obvious implication for the gay community.”

In California, and if the liberals have their way, all across our country, property rights are virtually meaningless. Constitutionally and from the standpoint of our natural rights, we should be able to discriminate in renting or otherwise using our property–sexually, racially, religiously, ethnically, or just because we don’t like the person’s face. That we have lost that right, under the color of a supposed moral advancement, shows how far we’ve retreated from a free society.

Concerned Women of America, a conservative religious organization, is helping Mrs. Smith appeal the unconscionable regulatory theft of her rights. But I am not optimistic, not in America 1990.

The Pink House?

What an outrage that, for the first time in our nation’s history, the organized forces of perversion were feted in the White House.

When he signed the “hate crimes” legislation –itself a terrible act–President Bush invited the heads of homosexual lobbying groups to the White House for the ceremony. A Congressman Bill Dannemeyer (R-CA) noted, “It’s a tragic message that is being sent,” that normality and deviance are equal.

I miss the closet. Homosexuals, not to speak of the rest of society, were far better off when social pressure forced them to hide their activities. They could also not be as promiscuous. Is it any coincidence that the AIDS epidemic developed after they came “out of the closet,” and started hyper-promiscuous sodomy? I don’t believe so, medically or morally.

Note: AIDS was originally named GRIDS–the Gay Related Immune Deficiency Syndrome. Political pressure forced a name change to try to hide the origin of this plague.

Further note: the largest blood bank in San Francisco succumbed to political pressure and holds blood drives in the gay Castro district; where the people give at three times the usual level. Either they are public spirited, or they are trying to poison the blood supply. There is a period of time after infection–perhaps as long as three years–when people can transmit AIDS, but their blood does not show the antibodies. And it is the antibodies that the blood screening tests use to detect AIDS.

As I have said before, DO NOT–unless your life literally depends on it–get a transfusion unless you have donated the blood in advance, or it comes from friends and family members you can trust.

Private Justice in New York

The criminal justice system in New York City is a joke. There are a zillion well-paid police, but they are of virtually no use. Not only are the streets terror zones, but home burglaries are not even investigated unless someone is hurt or more than $10,000 worth of property is taken! But the police and the prosecutors do take one form of crime seriously–competing with them. Defending yourself or others can get you in a lot of trouble, as young Kenny Mendoza found out.

Kenny, a 19 year old, heard screams from a woman in a neighboring slum apartment. Grabbing a gun and rushing up the fire escape, he found a 30-year-old pregnant woman held by a criminal with a knife against her throat. Kenny shot the man, who had a long criminal record, and as a result–instead of getting the medal he deserves–he is being indicted for murder and criminal possession of a weapon.

Several months ago, a gray-haired man was accosted on the subway by a gang of young pot-smoking, brandy-drinking animals. They started beating and kicking him after stealing his wallet and watch. When they pulled out a knife, he pulled out a gun, shot and killed one of the criminals, and calmly left the train.

The police are searching for both heroes, who have not–thank goodness–turned themselves in, as cops and newspapers have urged.

Expect more of this, as the big cities turn more and more into jungles. The innocent cannot–as usual–count on the government to be anything but an oppressor. They can only arm themselves and act, as Bernard Goetz did.

june 1990 12 june 1990 21

june 1990 3 june 1990 4

This document is now on scribd: “Ron Paul Newsletter June 1990”.

A scan of this newsletter can be found at @RP_Newsletter, “June 1990: The Ron Paul Political Report”.

On August 19th, 2014, the full text for “Race War?”, “Black Robed Justice”, “The Abolition of Private Property”, “Private Justice in New York” and “The Pink House?” was put in. On August 19th, 2014 the link to this report was changed from a defunct one at the New Republic to scans at the blog @RP_Newsletter. On August 20th, a link was added to an upload of the document on scribd.

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The Ron Paul Strategy Report – How To Protect Yourself From Urban Violence

(The following contains language that may well be considered offensive. This post is an attempt to make clear what was written in past Ron Paul newsletters. More information can be found here)



1993 Ron Paul & Associates, Inc., Houston, Texas

How to Protect Yourself Against Urban Violence

by James B. Powell

Many successful Americans are well aware of the dangers that our exploding government poses to their financial health. Ever-increasing taxes, a continuing loss of economic stability and rights, as well as multiple assaults on our finances and investments, have dominated our attention for years.

Unfortunately, most Americans – particularly those who live in our nation’s cities and suburban areas – now face an additional challenge which carries potentially higher stakes. Those citizens must begin taking steps to preserve their very lives as well as their possessions from the wave of violence that threatens the foundation of U.S. society. For such individuals we firmly believe it is imperative that physical protection must now be given equal emphasis with financial security. To do less is to invite disaster.

Why There’s No Time To Waste

We are convinced that the 1992 riots in Los Angeles and other U.S. cities are just the preshocks of the holocaust which is coming to America’s urban areas. During the 1990s, the 80% of our population that lives in our cities – including nearby towns and suburbs – may expect to experience a terrifying succession of relatively short-term, but extremely violent periods triggered by social and economic unrest.

That unrest is being fueled by powerful forces that are likely to grow stronger as the decade matures. Here’s why our outlook is grim and our message is urgent:

The poor economy has eliminated millions of jobs. The effects are particularly noticeable in our cities and their surrounding areas. Structural changes in our economy make it unlikely that the job situation will improve, even when the cycle turns up again and many other jobs will be taken by our uncontrolled flood of immigrants. This ongoing loss of opportunity can only compound the frustration of our underclass.

Our irresponsible media is also contributing to urban strife by continuously fanning the flames of social outrage. Television in particular dwells upon our problems day after day, week after week, until the inevitable explosion occurs.

Also ominous for the future is the tolerant attitude towards looting and rioting that is held by many civic leaders. Even the more responsible among them feel that the lawbreaking is “regrettable but understandable,” a position that invites more outbreaks of violence. There are other more militant leaders, such as California Congresswoman Maxine Waters, who went on national TV after the 1992 Los Angeles riots with her now-famous cry, “No justice, no peace!” No one should be surprised when that call is answered.

Growing drug use is another ingredient in our urban pressure cooker. As the economy continues to slide, drug sales will go up and so will the criminal activities that support the habits. America’s drug problems, which stem from prohibition and bad welfare laws, are clearly out of control and bode ill for the future of all our communities from coast to coast.

Also ominous for America is the increasing organization and sophistication of our gangs, which are now statewide and even nationwide powers. These violent groups – which are the product of every race, nationality, and culture – operate with military discipline and efficiency. Even worse, recent FBI investigations reveal that our more dangerous gangs are preparing to help promote and then exploit the coming outbreaks of urban unrest.

Unfortunately the next explosion of violence is likely to occur sooner rather than later when a series of highly sensitive trials are scheduled in Miami, Detroit, Los Angeles, and a dozen smaller cities. As with the Rodney King trial in 1992, we can expect our nation’s urban areas to become tinderboxes.

Longer term is equally grim. Simple momentum is against a timely turnaround in our urban problems. If every social and economic inequality in America could be stopped tomorrow, a very large percentage of the underclass would still continue to live as it does today. Of course, we are nowhere near solving the problems. Instead, they are getting worse.

You’re On Your Own

Unfortunately, the level of government protection that is available during the widespread breakdowns is very limited. The 1992 Los Angeles riots are a case in point. Within an hour after they started, the police were completely overwhelmed. In the most critical areas, the police withdrew, leaving citizens at the mercy of the looters and arsonists. That scenario was repeated all across America as the riots leaped from city to city. Similar breakdowns occurred in the wake of the San Francisco earthquake, Hurricane Andrew, and other major disasters.

The lesson from Los Angeles and other area is clear: in a major crisis you are both your first and your last line of defense. You must also be your own store, your own bank, your own doctor, and your own everything else.

Measures That Increase Safety

Unfortunately, as the threat of an urban explosion increases in your city, there are several effective precautions that you can make to increase your family’s security. The measures have been thoroughly tested throughout the world’s more volatile areas from America to Afghanistan. When the preparations are implemented properly, they greatly reduce the chance that a disaster will seriously harm you or your family.

I. First, Secure Your Neighborhood:

You must begin your preparations with your neighborhood, your first and best line of defense. If your neighborhood is made safe from attack, you are likely to find that few additional protective measures will be needed.

Lessons from Los Angeles underscore the value of neighborhood security. On the second day of the 1992 riots, groups of armed men from the inner city began to move outwards towards the affluent suburbs. These violent opportunists were typical of their kind throughout the world. They were ruthless and ready to kill, and they were looking for quick, easy scores. Where they found them, they engaged in an orgy of pillage and destruction, leaving death and ashes in their wakes [sic]. But where they met with determined resistance, they left in search of easier pickings.

One place the looters did not find an easy score was a small neighborhood in Hollywood, an affluent community not far from the inner city. Within an hour the neighbors rolled Dumpsters from nearby apartments and businesses into the street to block access to the area. Then automobiles were moved up and arranged so that their headlights would illuminate the intersections in front of the portable barricades. Behind the Dumpsters, groups of armed residents assembled and waited.

Hour after hour, vehicles filled with thugs armed with guns and Molotov cocktails approached the barricades and looked them over carefully. Each time the outcome was the same. Arms were brandished and warnings were issued from the obviously well-fortified defenders, at which point the vehicles sped away. Only once did the neighborhood protectors need to punctuate a point with a warning shot.

When the crisis was over five days later, the street was intact. Unlike the devastation that occurred in so many other parts of the city, not a store had been looted, not a home had been burned, and no one had been hurt. Such are the rewards of careful neighborhood preparations.

II. Make Your Home A Fortress:

You must also physically secure your home against any likely urban disaster. If so much as a mouse comes up your walk, you must know everything about him but his hat size.

As with neighborhood defense, your goal must be to stop looters and arsonists at your property line. That’s relatively easy to accomplish if your make the proper use of walls, fences, decorative barricades, and floodlights. If any attackers attempt to get past your defenses. you will be dealing with them at a distance with all the advantages in your favor.

You must also harden the access points to your home with modern high-security Medeco locks, MAG Engineering deadbolts, Lexan windows, and metal-clad doors. Although you may not be able to keep intruders outside forever, the added measures will give you enough time to deal with them effectively. Suitable home safes from AMSEC and fireproof containers from Aladdin should also be included in your defense system.

You can greatly increase your family’s safety if you implement your home’s physical barriers with a good electronic security system, such as the excellent Keepsafer Plus. Such a wireless system can warn you of a problem before it becomes life-threatening. It can also let your intruders know that their presence has been detected. A good system can even initiate the first level of defense measures that you may have established. All in all, properly selected, computer-controlled security equipment is well worth its modest cost.

III. Prepare Your Household to Be Self-Reliant:

You must carefully stockpile essential equipment and supplies to sustain your family during the period of isolation that always follows large-scale disasters. Besides the certain loss of municipal assistance, you can also expect to be cut off from every product and service that you normally use to support life. Of course your preparedness program must be started well ahead of time. Plan for at least two weeks of total self-sufficiency.

Firearms for Home and Neighborhood Security

No defense system is effective if ir doesn’t include the ability to repel attackers with appropriate force. What is becoming particularly true today when aggressors are usually armed with the latest weapons. To engage such threats without the same degree of strength is to invite the worst sort of outcome.

It will be essential for each member of your defense group to know the circumstances during which the use of guns is and is not permitted in your area. In most states, deadly force can only be used to stop a clear and immediate threat to a human life when no effective alternative is available. If you are in doubt about your local laws, write to your city attorney for clarification. Photocopy and distribute and the reply to everyone in your group.

Because widespread firefighting reduces water pressure to near zero, you must put an emergency water supply at the top of your list. Buy industrial-grade water storage racks and containers, such as those made by Rubbermaid. Fill half of them now and the remainder at the first sign of trouble.

(floorplan for security system)

MREs: The Modern Survival Food

Modern military field rations are a significant improvement over the “C” rations of WW II and the freeze-dried LRPS rations of Vietnam. Although MREs (Meals, Ready to Eat) are similar to canned foods in that they are fully hydrated and fully cooked, they are pakced in tough, lightweight pouches.

MREs provide quick, nutritional meals that are tasty, hearty, and excellent for emergencies. The typical pouch offers 1,500 to 1,800 calories and consists of a meat entrée, a dessert, crackers, a fruit spread, cocoa powder, a spoon, and an accessory packed. Entrees include Chicken Stew, Beef Stew Spaghetti, Ham Omelette, Scalloped Potatoes with Ham, and several other popular dishes. Desert Storm troops loved them, especially after heating the pouches in boiling water or on a hot engine.

The shelf life for MRE’s runs from 5 to 8 years, depending upon the temperature where they are stored. Each pouch weights about one pound. The cost per meal is to $3 to $5. We recommend serving one MRE meal to your family per week or two during normal times, replacing emergency stores as you go.

Thanks to an oversupply resulting from the shorter-than-expected length of Operation Desert Storm, surplus MRE’s are now becoming available to the public. They can be ordered from many sources, including some Army/Navy stores in major cites.

Complement your water supplies with an emergency pantry that’s stocked with canned goods, dried foods, MRE military rations, and other non-perishables. Don’t forget sanitary items and all the medications that your family uses. Buy a military-grade medical kit, such as the Trauma Kit from your local paramedic supplier. Be certain that it is set up for major emergencies including severe burns and wounds. Use and replace the supplies on an ongoing basis to keep everything fresh.

Uncontrolled fires make it necessary to back up your other utilites as well. For your essential electrical appliances, you must buy a good home generator. Buy one that’s large enough to power your kitchen appliances, your TV, and a few lights. Get the type that charges batteries. The Honda EM2500XK1 is ideal for most homes.

Also purchase a good portable cellular phone, such as the new Motorola MC-310 that works independently of the normal system that’s likely to fail. Have a battery-powered raido and a good Uniden police scanner to stay on top of fast-changing events that could become threats. Also buy 2-way radios if you will be coordinating your defenses with neighbors: Motorola’s new Radius models are definitely the best. Batteries for everything should be the rechargeable type.

Lastly, buy top-rated family camping equipment from a reputable maker such as Coleman. You should have a gasoline stove, gasoline lanterns, portable coolers, sleeping bags, and other gear that can turn a disaster into a tolerable inconvenience. Include a tent in case you must run. Store everything in portable containers.

IV. Acquire The Means To Travel Safely:

Prudence requires that you have the means to escape the city if runaway fires or organized attacks overwhelm your defenses. In addition to having a well-chosen and suitably equipped vehicle, you must have a planned destination and carefully selected escape routes painstakingly worked out ahead of time.

Vehicle selection is particularly important. To survive the rigors of an emergency evacuation, the vehicle must have a steel frame, 4-wheel drive, at least 4,000 pounds of mass, a powerful engine, run-flat tires, electric locks and windows, an extra gas tank, and plenty of carrying capacity. A handful of vehicles, including the 3/4 ton Chevy Suburban, will serve magnificently if it is set up properly.

Planning safe escape routes is also crucial. Major roads will be gridlocked within the first hour in a disaster. Ditto for bridges, passes, and other choke points. Avoid routes that go by shopping areas and other prime targets of looters and arsonists. Think unconventionally. Look at your task as if you are planning an evasion and escape game – except it won’t be a game.

V. Disaster-Proof Your Finances:

Your finances must be made safe from any calamity. Your accounts must be changed to safeguard them from regional disruptions and they must be accessible from anywhere. You will also need an emergency cash reserve to see you through at least two weeks of post-disaster troubles.

Your emergency cash reserve should be first on your list: half should be in travelers checks, half in currency. Both should be in smaller denominations. Acquire your reserve slowly from a different bank than you normally use. Keep your reserve in a home safe until it is needed. If a disaster strikes, transfer the cash to European-type money belts that your purchased ahead of time for all the members of your family.

Since banks and brokerage offices are usually shut down or knocked out during a disaster, switch all your accounts to large multi-state chains that can transact your business from any branch in the system. You should be able to withdraw cash, transfer money, settle accounts, get emergency checks, and trade your securities, no matter where you are, by telephone if necessary.

Complement your disaster-proof accounts by arranging automatic deposits for your regular incoming checks. Get your institutions’ “routing codes” and “direct depost addresses” and send them to your employer, Social Security Department, Treasury Department, brokes, and so on as appropriate. Direct all your automatic deposits to demand accounts so that your money will be immediately available to you in an emergency.

VI. Relocate to a Safer Area:

Some situations aren’t worth trying to save. If urban blight is steadily creeping towards your door and crime rates in your area are exploding, your best reaction may be to leave. Even the Marines know when to retreat.

Relocating is particularly appropriate if you feel that you may be unsuited to the harsh demands of an urban crisis. If you are not physically and psychologically capable of reacting adequately in a major emergency, you could be risking your life to remain where you are.

Although uprooting your life and moving to a new area is complex, it isn’t difficult if you use the systematic approach that we advise. Examine your personal and financial situation, item by item. Write everything down. Compare what you would lose vs. what you would gain by relocating. Be certain to consider the savings that will occur from replacing a high-cost city life with living in a more affordable area.

Finding a new place to live that fits your lifestyle and your budget is also a task that yuelds to an organized approach. The way to start is with a good relocation guide, such as the Places Rated Almanac by Richard Boyer and David Savageau. Use the book to evaluate communities for critical factors such as size, climate, crime, education, medical services, housing, recreation, taxes, and others that contribute to, or detract from, the quality of life. Set your priorities, then find the places which fit the criteria. Investigate them in person.

VI. Relocate to a Safer Area:

If you’ve decided to remain in an unstable area, you must carefully implement the individual elements in your urban security plan. The best way to do so is to bring each element on line according to the level of danger that exists at the time. That will insure that you will have what is needed for the specific threats which are common to each level. It will also bring related elements of the plan on-line together.

THREAT LEVEL III is the lowest level of danger that exists in the modern American metropolitan area. It is the relatively quiet period that exists between civil emergencies. The main threats are “ordinary” but dangerous crimes against persons and property. Emergency services are intact, but their ability to prevent trouble is minimal.

This is the time to purchase and install your more substantial emergency equipment, such as your household security system, your generator, and your escape vehicle. Everything that takes time to integrate into your household should be acquired during this period. This is also the time to train yourself to use your equipment effectively.

THREAT LEVEL II is marked by a noticeable increase in social and economic tension within an urban area. Gang activity picks up. Crimes become more violent. There is a sharp reduction in personal safety. Emergency services function, but they are now almost exclusively a reaction force rather than a deterrent.

When this level of threat begins, you must increase your emphasis on personal and home protection. Remember that this level can change to the next highest level in a heartbeat. You must finish your preparedness program as quickly as possible. In particular, you should top off your emergency stores. Make certain that key products are fresh.

During this period you must also pay attention to signs that the situation may be about to explode into a full-scale riot. Monitor the news. Be ready both physically and psychologically for a total breakdown with possibly very little warning.

THREAT LEVEL I is the final and most dangerous level that you will face. A full-scale riot erupts with looting, arson, and wanton attacks on persons and property. Emergency services are no longer in control. You must be able to supply all your own needs for a period lasting from a week to 30 days.

It’s probably too late to get whatever you may lack, but you may get lucky if you are a few miles away from the riot and you act quickly enough. This is the time to get your family together and to activate all your disaster strategies.

As you make your final preparations, spend a few moments reflecting on how this magnificent country, “the land overshadowed with wings,” ever fell into this sorry condition. Resolve that when the crisis is over you will do everything in your power to make certain that such an event will never happen again.

We wish you well.

About the Author:

James B. Powell is widely known as one of America’s most creative financial and personal security consultants. For more than 20 years, he has systematically researched and tested a wide range of security and survival equipment and has consulted on family security matters for a select clientele. He entered the field when it became obvious to him that physical protection would one day, become just as great a day-to-day concern to upper middle-class Americans as financial matters, an observation that has certainly proven to be correct. His financial writings include several books and frequent guest articles in major investment newsletters.

Mr. Powell is the author of the new Urban Security Guide: Insuring Your Personal Safety in the Turbulent ’90s published by Globacor (Communications) Ltd. He also offers telephone consultations on the many topics covered in this article. For information on ordering the Guide or arranging a personal consultation with Mr. Powell, please refer to the Special Subscriber Offer which follows.

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The Ron Paul Newsletter Story That I Found The Most Disturbing: “Blast ‘Em?”

I quote it in full below, Blast ‘Em?:

If you live in a major city, you’ve probably already heard about the newest threat to your life and limb, and your family: carjacking.

It is the hip-hop thing to do among the urban youth who play unsuspecting whites like pianos. The youth simply walk up to a car they like, pull a gun, tell the family to get out, steal their jewelry and wallets, and take the car to wreck. Such actions have ballooned in the recent months.

In the old days, average people could avoid such youth by staying out of bad neighborhoods. Empowered by media, police, and political complicity, however, the youth now roam everywhere looking for cars to steal and people to rob.

What can you do? More and more Americans are carrying a gun in the car. An ex-cop I know advises that if you have to use a gun on a youth, you should leave the scene immediately, disposing of the wiped off gun as soon as possible. Such a gun cannot, of course, be registered to you, but one bought privately (through the classifieds, for example).

I frankly don’t know what to make of such advice, but even in my little town of Lake Jackson, Texas, I’ve urged everyone in my family to know how to use a gun in self defense. For the animals are coming.

Originally, a pdf of this newsletter was hosted at The New Republic, though this link is now broken. A scan of this newsletter (link to a png file) can now be found at “Game Over: Scans of Over 50 Ron Paul Newsletters” at the blog, Et tu, Mr. Destructo.

This newsletter is now at a record of The New Republic page: “Ron Paul Newsletter October 1992”.

ron paul newsletter blast em

There are dog whistles about “urban” youth and “hip-hop” which become explicit when we reach the part of how they play “unsuspecting whites like pianos”. There is no possibility that these urban youth are anything other than black. These black men are on the prowl and stealing cars. Yet now they are not just in the cities, but everywhere. In order to protect oneself, one must carry a gun. There may be a possibility that you will have to shoot this man; but there may be complications if the police arrive, so one must have a gun that cannot be traced to you and be prepared to leave the scene. There is the chilling coda, chilling not for the violence it anticipates, but for the violence within this writer: the animals are coming. Since there has been on-going controversy over who authored these newsletter stories, I will point out that this is one of the many stories where the writer drops a detail which fits with Paul’s life, in this case, Lake Jackson, Texas, his residence at the time.

Perhaps there is a subtlety I miss, but this, to my mind, reads like nothing other than a guide on how to kill a black man and get away with it. Mr. Andrew Sullivan in defending his endorsement of Paul writes of a justifying context for such a remarks and stresses that they were made two decades ago. I find such explanations astonishing. Were I to find out that a musician or painter whose work I’d loved had written something so loathsome, it would qualify my admiration. I would expect any discussion of it to be blunt and forthright, no excuses over artistic temperament or the morays of the times. Is the fact that a white man could kill a black man in many parts of the country for far too long without legal repercussion to be part of the understandable morays that would permit a white man to publish such filth in 1992?

When I read this Timothy Noah piece on the new conditions the unemployed must fulfill in order to maintain their benefits, I read of a group of people who cannot fail at any obligation, whether it be GED requirements or drug tests, all while juggling family and work, without being chastised for their lack of accountability and irresponsibility. All this, while in a more privileged place, a man can write about how to kill a black man and get away with it, make a few mumbles that someone else was to blame, and his grevious irresponsibility is waved away, his shoulder given a hearty clap, and he’s moved a few steps closer to the levers of power and nuclear codes. There is a contrast that is wretchedly hilarious. The poor do not even have the freedom to pee when they want to, while a wealthy doctor can give out instructions on murder, and told he’d make a great president. All this because this good doctor, who views black men and women as expendable animals, may be the only hope for letting out some of their dark skinned kin from jail sentences for drug crimes that he views as one more variety of state tyranny. It used to be that some men and women had to abide every indignity of a slavemaster while hoping against hope that he would finally provide some mercy and grant them freedom. Now, their descendants must forgive the past indignities of Paul in the desperate hope that he, like Pharaoh, will give their brethren release.

That Mr. Sullivan, who did brave, righteous work into the evasions of law that took place in Abu Ghraib and secret prisons around the world, could endorse the man who wrote this, after having read this article, baffles me. I very much want an end to the ridiculous costly prison sentences for drug crimes; but just as I can ask for such a rational, sensible thing as good roads from a better man than Napoleon, I can ask for such a sensible thing as drug legalization from a better man than Ron Paul. I can only think there is some detail of all this that has escaped me, that makes sense of this blindness to racial thuggery, that would make this endorsement other than an utterly amoral act. This is not a case where either Scylla or Charybdis must be picked. There is the possibility of finding all those in the Republican primary to be craven, fanatical, stupid, or hateful. If a guide to killing a black man isn’t sufficient cause for disqualifying someone of the republican nomination, I ask: how far will deviancy be defined downward for a presidential leader and the holder of the nuclear keys?

My post on the transcription of the Ron Paul newsletter articles can be found here.

(Originally, this post linked to a pdf of the newsletter at the New Republic site. On April 14th, 2014, this link was changed to the Mr. Destructo blog after it was discovered that the link was broken. On August 19th, a scan of the specific piece “Blast ‘Em?” was added, as well as a postimage upload of the newsletter, should the Mr. Destructo link become unavailable or go down.)

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Senate Fundraising Letter 1984

(The following contains language that may well be considered offensive. This post is an attempt to make clear what was written in past Ron Paul newsletters. More information can be found here)


April 1984

Dear Friend:

The media will tell you that the Kissinger-Rockefeller forces have faded away. But I know that isn’t true, because they’re working like the dickens to keep me out of the U.S. Senate.

Will they succeed? It depends on you.

Back in 1982 when Texa was being redistricted, they had their knives out. A top party official told the Dallas paper that the fatcats had passed the word to “(bleep) Ron Paul” because I wouldn’t do their bidding.

Why? Because the big-monied interests dislike our ideas as much as Tip O’Neill does. Worse, they’re a lot more powerful. But thanks to dedicated Americans like you, I beat them.

This year, the stakes are much bigger. The Establishment is scared to death about having our views in the U.S. Senate. The big-money men know I have been able to do some good in the House, and that my effectiveness would be multiplied a hundred times in the Senate.

Just the thought rattles their imported teacups.

Normally the minions of Kissinger and Rockefeller don’t intervene in Republican primaries. They’re too busy scheming to put your tax dollars in their wallets, through the IMF, the World Bank, and foreign aid.

But this race is different. In polo clubs and bank boardrooms, those who want to keep big business in bed with big government have set their goal for 1984–“get Ron Paul out of Washington.” They will do anything to keep your money flowing into their vaults.

Even Washington political figures, who never intervene in a primary, have made an exception this time, with dirty tricks and dirty money. They want to make sure that when the banks say Jump, the new Texas Senator will ask: How High?

Washington politicos claim to be upset because I’ve discussed the record of my opponent, Congressman Phil Gramm. They don’t want the people to know that Phil has:

  • Endorsed the Kissinger Commission and its dangerous recommendations;
  • Voted for big budget deficits — 10 times;
  • Promoted the unconstitutional TEFRA – the biggest tax increase in peacetime U.S. history;
  • Helped establish the federal Department of Education;
  • Urged more Food Stamp welfare – 6 times;
  • Voted to raise his own Congressional pay by $10,000.00
  • Asked to make Red China “most favored nation”;
  • Worked to increase federal spending by $100s of billions;

The political establishment doesn’t want you to know these things. Neither does Phil. He told me it would be unfair to mention his record.

But I wouldn’t mind him saying that I have: Never voted for a budget deficit; Never voted to increase taxes; Never voted to raise Congressional pay (I want to cut it); Opposed giving your tax dollars to corrupt foreign politicians (the homegrown ones are bad enough!); Voted against the Department of Education; Opposed giving one cent to Red China.

The National Taxpayers Union, the Council for a Competitive Economy, and the American Economic Council have said I have “the best record in Congress.” Phil Gramm, says the president of the AEC, “is a buddy of the Establishment.”

A Texas business magazine recently noted that many think “Gramm’s entire career bespeaks a man willing…to make and break any commitment on the basis of expediency, and take any short-term stand that will provide him a new trough from which to feed a gargantuan ego and to further unshackled ambition.”

Maybe that’s why Phil’s political cronies have been rolling in the gutter. In their attacks, they’ve hinted I was immoral, anti-American, friendly to socialism and Fidel Castro, anti-Christian, and a lover of illicit drugs! These preposterous charges would normally be laughed out of even the political arena. But not when they’re backed with millions of dollars, and highly paid operatives willing to spread them.

This may be a desperate attempt to obscure that, for example, in 1976, Phil supported Jerry Brown for president because of the fruit-fly governor’s bizarre economic views. The free-market views of the great Ludwig von Mises, Phil says, belong in the dustbin of economic history instead of in Washington. I was honored to get the Mises Institute’s award as “America’s outstanding leader for the free market and sound money.”

Phil Gramm, as a practical Keynesian, promotes big government while claiming to be a fiscal conservative. But he showed his true colors at the Committee for Monetary Research and Education when he denounced the gold standard. And he once said his heart’s ambition was to take Paul Volcker’s place as Federal Reserve Chairman.

It’s no wonder the special interests have shoveled cash into his campaign. His bank account is bulging, while mine is skinny. But I don’t worry about his super-rich friends. The truth, combined with people like you, gives me something he can never match.

Our polls show that the people of Texas are ready to support someone who can be trusted to do as he promises, and work for the free market, honest money, a balanced budget, and a pro-American foreign policy. Phil Gramm, who has openly admitted to not being his own man, can be defeated….if I can get my message out.

One newspaper charged that I would like to “take a chainsaw to the federal budget.” As a doctor, I’d probably use a scalpel, but the idea is right on target. Phil works to expand the government; I work to cut it. And my deeds match my words.

The Establishment has a big stake in big government, so it’s no surprise that Phil Gramm will spend $1.5 million in the weeks before the May 5th primary election.

If I cannot raise and spend $558,000, I will lose. I’ve enclosed a campaign memo with all the facts.

The preliminary signs look good. Ordinary people are changing their minds about who the real Phil Gramm is, and members of his campaign leadership have come over to my side.

I have found, in 140,000 miles of travel, that it takes me five minutes to convert an audience. Our ideas are that powerful. But there is no way I can reach everyone in person.

I must be able to get our TV spots on Texas stations, keep our offices open, organize our thousands of volunteers, keep our phone banks operating, print and mail brochures, and pay travel expenses. Not only to present our side, but to counter the opposition’s well-financed dirty tricks.

And not one dime goes to slick fundraisers. We must have the lowest overhead in America, thanks to the magnificent finance organization run by my wife, Carol.

My campaigns have always run on a shoestring. But that shoestring will do the job, with your help.

As a good supporter, you deserve the facts. My latest poll shows Phil Gramm still ahead. But he is headed down, and I am headed up.

If the election were held today, I would lose. But the momentum is all my way. With an additional $558,000, I can beat Phil Gramm. Without that money, about one-third of what he will spend, there will be champagne toasts on the bankers’ yachts, as I am kicked out of public life. They want me and our ideas out of Washington so badly they can taste it through the caviar.

But I’m not going to let them beat me…not if you’re on my side. I’ve always been the underdog in my races. Just as in the past, I can confound the powerful. But not without you.

The big New York banks and their pals in Texas, want me silenced. But the people want a man of principle in the Senate, not a compromising, back-slapping friend of lobbyists. But if I can’t get my message out, that makes zero difference.

Please. Send as much as you can, as quickly as you can. Every day, and every dollar, counts. If you could send $100, $75, $50, $25, or any amount, that would be great. If you can afford $250, $500, or even $1000, that would be magnificent.

And please send what you can today. I have never needed your help more. You and I can do great things for our country, but only if you help.

Warmest regards,

Ron Paul
Member of Congress

P.S. Every day counts. Please send as much as you can — right away. Carol and I will be looking for your envelope.

P.P.S. Please help me counter the lies, and spread the truth. I can’t do anything without you as my partner.

apr 1984 1 apr 1984 2

apr 1984 3 apr 1984 4

A scan of this letter can be found at @RP_Newsletter, “April 1984: Ron Paul for U.S. Senate Letter”.

On August 19th, 2014 the link to this letter was changed from a defunct one at the New Republic to scans at the blog @RP_Newsletter.

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