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Political Report

December 15, 1989
Volume III, Number 12


“Needlin’,” a new form of racial terrorism, has struck New York City streets on the tony Upper West Side. At least 39 white women have been stuck with used hypodermic needles–perhaps infected with AIDS–by gangs of black girls between the ages of 12 and 14. The New York Times didn’t find this fit to print for weeks and weeks, until its candidate David Dinkins was safely elected. Even then the story was very low key, with race mentioned many paragraphs into it.

Who can doubt that if the situation had been reversed, if white girls had done this to black women, we would have been subjected to months-long nation-wide propaganda campaign on the evils of white America? The double standard strikes again.

The District of Bogata, Columbia

Washington, D.C., Mayor Marion Barry has been accused for the umpteenth time of buying and smoking crack cocaine, but this time it’s his old friend, convicted felon and former D.C. bureaucrat Charles Lewis who’s pointing the powdery finger. Insiders say Barry can survive anything, because most voters interpret this as an anti-black attempt to oust Barry, even though Lewis is black too. As for me, I think Washington deserves Barry.

Schultz Speaks the Truth, for Once

Former Secretary of State George Schultz called in a speech at Stanford University for the legalization of drugs because it will dramatically cut crime. I wish he had had the courage to say this while he was in office, but better late than never.

White House Press Secretary Marlin Fitzwater said in response, “Whoa, he’s been out on the West Coast too long, hasn’t he? Clearly, we do not believe drugs should be legalized.”

At the same briefing, Fitzwater referred to Bush, in a great Freudian slip, as “President Mush.”

Run, Jesse, Run

Here’s the latest from leftist Jesse Jackson: “The more white people look at Dan Quayle, the more they are convinced I’m presidential material.”

I’ll be the first to admit that Dan’s no genius, but if anything makes him look good, it’s being compared to the pinko-anti-white-huckster-hustler Rev. Jackson.

Hurrah for Secession!

Is the Soviet press becoming freer than ours? Vitaly Khorotich, editor of the Soviet magazine Ogonyok, said the Soviet Union “has to disintegrate before it can reintegrate.”

Mass. Legislature Found Only 99% Crazy

The Massachusetts legislature has just passed a “civil rights” law to protect gays from discrimination. Like all civil rights laws, it gives the officially accredited victims special privileges, but there is one interesting note. Over the protests of the gay community, the law excludes from protection anyone “whose sexual orientation involves minor children as the sex object.” Now we know the next frontier for “anti-discrimination” laws in Teddy Kennedy’s home state.

A Black Eye for Washington?

Senator John Glenn (D-OH) was spouting the usual nonsense at a TV camera on a Washington, D.C., sidewalk one day when Michael Green punched him in the jaw.

Green blamed Sen. Glenn for the California earthquake. In fact, it was one of the few disasters of the last 15 years he hasn’t had a hand in. John Glenn is one of the big spenders on Capitol Hill. And he took $224,000 from Charles Keating of Lincoln Savings & Loan to keep it in operation, thus costing the taxpayers billions more in bailout dollars.

“Maybe,” says Lew Rockwell of the Mises Institute, “one belt wasn’t enough. This guy has been socking it to the taxpayers for his face in public, a taxpayer knocked him in the chops, we’d have a different political climate.”

After the pay raise, says Lew, “I’d like to start National Committees To Swat-Your-Senator and Rap-Your-Representative. All

(page 3 is missing)

coast to coast. He appears in ads, and has a very high profile among groups that would disarm the honest citizen, in clear contravention of the Constitution.

Different rules apply to the cops under him, however. Leroy Pyle, a 16-year veteran of the department, has had his career ended for appearing in a video called “The Truth About Semi-Automatic Weapons.” Different rules, because this video was made by the National Rifle Association, and Officer Pyle’s gun views are diametrically opposite his boss’s.

In his letter of suspension, Pyle was berated for not saying, in the video, that his views did not represent those of the city of San Jose. No such rules apply to the chief. Said one observer of the department: “Pyle has three strikes against him: he’s pro-gun, he’s male, and he’s white. If he were black or or Hispanic, the chief couldn’t have gotten away with it.” America, land of civil rights, 1989.

Congressional Courage

My old colleague, Congressman Bill Dannemeyer (R-CA), speaks out fearlessly despite the organized power of the gay lobby. He has become the target of violent attacks whenever he speaks, and he has even been advised to wear a bulletproof vest. Want to see why? Here are some excerpts from one of his recent speeches:

AIDS was “originally known as GRIDS–gay related immune deficiency syndrome.” For political reasons it was changed to AIDS. “A whole political movement has been created and sustained on a single notion: homosexual sodomy.”

“The average homosexual has 1,000 or more partners in a lifetime, and the average homosexual has only one sexual encounter per partner and never sees the person again after that encounter.”

“The pathology of homosexuality will not settle for personal privacy. It must seek approbation.”

“We are all aware of the National Endowment for the Arts funding for the raunch of the late Robert Mapplethorpe who managed to contract AIDS in between his pursuit of child pornography and determining the distance certain objects can be inserted in the human body.

“I can also point to a U.S. Postal Service cancellation celebrating civil disobedience at a homosexual bar back in 1969. Or to the $15 million federal sex study to be interpreted by a homophile who approved of pedophilia. “Or how about the $500,000 used by the National Research Council to instruct the clergy, who believe homosexuality is a sin, to change their views.” Or the Defense Department study that says homosexuals make better soldiers. Or the HHS report that tells us “society is to blame for the (suicides) of kids who have been led into the pit of homosexual despair.”

“It is extremely hard not to be cynical about a government that would sponsor such anti-social proposals,” says Dannemeyer. We are “not talking about a political philosophy. We are talking about sodomy.”

Washington, D.C.: A Black Thing?

Once in a while the Washington Post‘s liberal black columnist William Raspberry says something reasonable on racial matters, and everyone marvels. For example, he defended the Boy Scouts against the charge that their name was racist when applied to young blacks. But only in Washington, D.C., could anyone take such an accusation seriously, let along [sic] write a column about it.

To be white in Washington, however, is to experience a culture that is anti-white and proud of it. Radio stations urge listeners not to shop in white (or Asian) owned stores. Ministers lead anti-white and anti-Asian boycotts. Professors teach that whites are committing genocide against blacks and invented crack and AIDS as part of The Plan. Employees of neighborhood convenience stores and gas stations radiate hostility at white customers.

On the streets–hard as it might be to believe in these days of Bensonhurstomania–black crime against whites is the norm, with some of it even justified as “fighting the power.” Pedestrians scowl, make anti-white remarks, and shout anti-white rap songs to the accompaniment of boom boxes tuned just slightly off to grate on your nerves.

In Washington, the city government candidly discriminates against non-blacks. Nixon’s attorney general John Mitchell used to call it the Amos and Andy Taxicab Co. But that’s unfair. Amos and Andy’s taxicab would get you to your destination unmugged and at a market price. The D.C. government–with its third-world corruption and racist set-asides, employees, and personnel policies–is Extortion Central.

What a relief it is to walk, shop, or eat in the small Ethiopian community in Washington: successful, confident black people whose self-image is not defined in anti-whiteness, and who are therefore invisible in the liberal media.

Unfortunately not invisible in the liberal media was Raspberry’s column about the newest slogan on buttons and tee-shirts in the nation’s capital: “It’s a Black Thing. You Wouldn’t Understand.”

This is “hip, humorous, and race-conscious in a healthy sort of way,” says Raspberry. Hip, maybe, and certainly race-conscious, but humorous? I guess I wouldn’t understand.

“But show me a white student with ‘It’s a White Thing…’ and my attitude changes,” says Raspberry. “A Congressional Black Caucus is legitimate” but a “Congressional White Caucus would be unthinkable.” “Black Is Beautiful” is permissible, but “White Is Beautiful” is “the slogan of bigots.”


Whatever happened to the single standard? Wasn’t the original vision a color-blind society? Today only a race-obsessed society will do, with State power enforcing official discrimination in favor of blacks.

Of course, there are racist whites. But outside of a minuscule band of KKK members, there are few whose racism is the defining fact of their lives. Too many D.C. blacks, on the other hand, are charter members of what we might call the BBB.

Washington—with its racist government, racist radio, racist ministers, racist universities, and racist attitudes–is the black New Jerusalem, so no white is supposed to question it. Or so says William Raspberry.

Excuse me for not buying it.

Poor Jim Bakker

Although most people convicted of murder serve 20 years or less, Jim Bakker–who was convicted of defrauding his TV congregation through fractional-reserve hoteling–got 45 years.

The financial shenanigans of Mr. Bakker were wrong, but shouldn’t this have been handled with civil suits and not federal intervention? And why keep the poor little guy in chains?

I see this as part of a federal attack on religion, and not anything else. As Congressman Dannemeyer said in a speech on the floor of the House, “I noticed by the morning paper that the televangelist, Mr. Bakker, has been sentenced to jail for 45 years. His crime is that he took trust fund money for general fund purposes–over $100 million.

“This year the Congress of the United States is scheduled to take approximately $147 billion of trust fund money for the general fund purposes. I wonder how many of us will be going to jail as a result of that sentencing in November of 1990.”

It’s true. The fraud and scandal that exists in Washington, D.C., deserves a lot more attention and higher penalties than Jim Bakker’s.

The Pension Fund Bail-Out

Private pension funds are insured by the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, a quasi-private insurance fund guaranteed by the federal government. It posted a $1.5 billion deficit in 1988 and that’s only the beginning.

Many pension funds have invested in junk bonds whose real value is not reflected on the balance sheet. Fraud, mismanagement, and malinvestment will wipe out the retirement pensions of millions of American workers and the taxpayer will be forced to fund another multi-billion dollar bail-out. The labor Department Inspector General’s office has already predicted that the pension bail-out will exceed the cost of the S&Ls!

Private pension plans claim to represent $2 trillion in savings, but in reality the figure is lower. Higher or lower, however, much of it is secured by what we laughingly call the full faith and credit of the United States government.

The crisis is likely to hit during the next recession when equity prices skid, junk bonds disintegrate, government revenues plummet, and the deficit skyrockets. Congressional investigation of this pending crisis will give us only more government snooping, and do nothing to prevent the crisis that awaits this industry. The S&Ls, Farm Credit, HUD, pensions–what’s next? Could it be the insurance industry? And more is to come.

Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSE) guarantee $800 billion in off-budget loans. Such agencies include the Federal National Mortgage Association (FANNIE MAE), the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (FREDDIE MAC), the Farm Credit System, the Federal Home Loan Bank System, and the Student Loan Marketing Association (SALLIE MAE).

Flown the Koop

C. Everett Koop, MD, is gone, but as his parting shot at the American people, he advocated socialized medicine on the socialist National Public Radio.

The conservative movement welcomed Koop, when Ronald Reagan made him Surgeon General of the Untied States, but despite his alleged pro-life views, he always made me feel queasy. Maybe it was that 1,000-mile stare, or his Nebuchadnezzar beard, but whatever the reason, my gut instinct sure was right.

In a caricature of Potomac Fever, Koop overnight turned into an agent of the health bureaucracy and its special interests; any responsibility to taxpayers and the unborn was forgotten as he became Big Doctor. When I first saw Koop in his Public Health Service uniform–half Plaza doorman, half Hungarian admiral–I knew we were in trouble.

Koop denounced smoking, advocated higher taxes on cigarettes, and aruged for the stifling of smokers’ rights. I don’t smoke and as a doctor, wish no one else would, but I was bothered by Admiral Torquemada telling us all what to do. And naturally, Koop never mentioned the one legitimate thing the federal government could do to discourage smoking–end the gigantic agricultural subsidies to tobacco farmers.

Next Koop championed condom-mania, in which we were all including schoolchildren, to be indoctrinated by the government in “safe sex” according to a script written by the organized gay movement.

Koop then attacked private property rights and the real public health by urging that civil rights laws to [sic] applied to carriers of a fatal, communicable disease. And he condemned parents who worry about sending their healthy kids to school with AIDS victims.

Since even federal scientists–part of whose job it is to pull the wool over our eyes on this issue–admit that AIDS blood kills, and since skinned knees and elbows, not to speak of fighting and biting, are normal in any schoolyard, why shouldn’t parents worry?

Koop also criticized doctors who worried about the dangers of operating on AIDS patients, although surgeons can get doused in blood, their glovers and skin are often punctured, and the Hippocratic Oath is not a suicide pact. Meanwhile, Koop promoted vastly higher federal spending on AIDS, already a porkbarrel.

The near federal monopoly of cancer study has meant that only bureaucratically blessed researchers get funded. The results, from those wonderful folks who brought us swine flu vaccine, has been billions wasted and stymied in cancer treatment.

One legitimate reform that Koop could have advocated for AIDS patients and others, but as front man for big government never mentioned, was curbing the FDA and allowing patients and doctors to use any medications they choose.

Capping this record, on his last day in office Koop called openly for “socialized medicine.” Medical care is no free market now, but Koop would abolish the freedom we have left. At a time when even the Soviets seem to realize that socialism doesn’t work, Koop is pumping for it.

After Reagan left office, Koop lobbied hard to be made Secretary of Health and Human Services, or, failing that, to stay on as Surgeon General. But George Bush said no, and the uniformed bureaucrat with the spooky stare has headed back to the real world. Koop is gone, and good riddance. Now we have to get rid of his socialist ideas.

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