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Avi Buffalo – “Where’s Your Dirty Mind?”

In lieu of new content, I post this. I’ll try and be more productive this year, and hope to finally get around to writing about two Brian De Palma movies very dear to my heart, Blow Out and Body Double. Right now, I’m in the middle of working on one of those political / crime stories which fascinate me so much, and that I’ll try to have done by the end of the week soon. Whether or not you celebrate the made-up non-holiday #wayback #wednesday, here is one of my favorite songs of the past, from a band from whom I hope we will one day hear more:


David Bowie – “Who Can I Be Now?”

Always a good question to ask at the start of a new year.


Low – “Long way around the sea”

I learned of this song by glancing through the soundtrack of Jingle Bell Rocks, a movie devoted to unusual, little known, and compelling holiday songs. I heard of this movie from the valuable podcast, “Day 6”. The message I wish to convey is an ecumenical one, that the hope for better and more peaceful lives is not a solitary wish, but the dearest hope of the multitude. We can hope for that better world soon, and we can hope to find the strength in ourselves to keep fighting for it.

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Happy birthday, Mr. Richards

In lieu of new content. Not anywhere near his best known or best loved song, but one close to my heart.


“Pale Blue Eyes” performed by Emmylou Harris and Sheryl Crow

I post this in an attempt to fill the space before finishing a long piece.

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“If you’re the judge, then what is our crime?”

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Rolling Stones – “Salt of the Earth”

I can’t think of any holiday music that I want to listen to, except this.

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