Monthly Archives: December 2015

Happy Holidays

This place, which was started as a kind of therapy, has fallen into neglect as I put other things in my life together. My hands right now are very full putting together a movie built around a plot tangent of one of the stories posted here – as with all stories I work on, it started as something small, and has metastasized into something labyrinthine. Originally, I’d hoped to have it at least by the end of this year – it will probably only be done by January*, the traditional month for the cast-offs and wrecks of film. When my work consumes me, I become nearly blind to the passing of time, but I mark this ceremonial time with a piece of music which carries the best qualities of religious music – seriousness, beauty, passion, and devotion – as well as well wishes to all passers-by, fellow citizens of this haunted world.

“Alleluia, Behold the Bridegroom” by the St. Petersburg Chamber Choir, conducted by Nicolai Korniev:

*Pardon the christmas lights still bedecking my roof – looks like this release has been moved to February March, dolls.