Senate Fundraising Letter 1984

(The following contains language that may well be considered offensive. This post is an attempt to make clear what was written in past Ron Paul newsletters. More information can be found here)


April 1984

Dear Friend:

The media will tell you that the Kissinger-Rockefeller forces have faded away. But I know that isn’t true, because they’re working like the dickens to keep me out of the U.S. Senate.

Will they succeed? It depends on you.

Back in 1982 when Texa was being redistricted, they had their knives out. A top party official told the Dallas paper that the fatcats had passed the word to “(bleep) Ron Paul” because I wouldn’t do their bidding.

Why? Because the big-monied interests dislike our ideas as much as Tip O’Neill does. Worse, they’re a lot more powerful. But thanks to dedicated Americans like you, I beat them.

This year, the stakes are much bigger. The Establishment is scared to death about having our views in the U.S. Senate. The big-money men know I have been able to do some good in the House, and that my effectiveness would be multiplied a hundred times in the Senate.

Just the thought rattles their imported teacups.

Normally the minions of Kissinger and Rockefeller don’t intervene in Republican primaries. They’re too busy scheming to put your tax dollars in their wallets, through the IMF, the World Bank, and foreign aid.

But this race is different. In polo clubs and bank boardrooms, those who want to keep big business in bed with big government have set their goal for 1984–“get Ron Paul out of Washington.” They will do anything to keep your money flowing into their vaults.

Even Washington political figures, who never intervene in a primary, have made an exception this time, with dirty tricks and dirty money. They want to make sure that when the banks say Jump, the new Texas Senator will ask: How High?

Washington politicos claim to be upset because I’ve discussed the record of my opponent, Congressman Phil Gramm. They don’t want the people to know that Phil has:

  • Endorsed the Kissinger Commission and its dangerous recommendations;
  • Voted for big budget deficits — 10 times;
  • Promoted the unconstitutional TEFRA – the biggest tax increase in peacetime U.S. history;
  • Helped establish the federal Department of Education;
  • Urged more Food Stamp welfare – 6 times;
  • Voted to raise his own Congressional pay by $10,000.00
  • Asked to make Red China “most favored nation”;
  • Worked to increase federal spending by $100s of billions;

The political establishment doesn’t want you to know these things. Neither does Phil. He told me it would be unfair to mention his record.

But I wouldn’t mind him saying that I have: Never voted for a budget deficit; Never voted to increase taxes; Never voted to raise Congressional pay (I want to cut it); Opposed giving your tax dollars to corrupt foreign politicians (the homegrown ones are bad enough!); Voted against the Department of Education; Opposed giving one cent to Red China.

The National Taxpayers Union, the Council for a Competitive Economy, and the American Economic Council have said I have “the best record in Congress.” Phil Gramm, says the president of the AEC, “is a buddy of the Establishment.”

A Texas business magazine recently noted that many think “Gramm’s entire career bespeaks a man willing…to make and break any commitment on the basis of expediency, and take any short-term stand that will provide him a new trough from which to feed a gargantuan ego and to further unshackled ambition.”

Maybe that’s why Phil’s political cronies have been rolling in the gutter. In their attacks, they’ve hinted I was immoral, anti-American, friendly to socialism and Fidel Castro, anti-Christian, and a lover of illicit drugs! These preposterous charges would normally be laughed out of even the political arena. But not when they’re backed with millions of dollars, and highly paid operatives willing to spread them.

This may be a desperate attempt to obscure that, for example, in 1976, Phil supported Jerry Brown for president because of the fruit-fly governor’s bizarre economic views. The free-market views of the great Ludwig von Mises, Phil says, belong in the dustbin of economic history instead of in Washington. I was honored to get the Mises Institute’s award as “America’s outstanding leader for the free market and sound money.”

Phil Gramm, as a practical Keynesian, promotes big government while claiming to be a fiscal conservative. But he showed his true colors at the Committee for Monetary Research and Education when he denounced the gold standard. And he once said his heart’s ambition was to take Paul Volcker’s place as Federal Reserve Chairman.

It’s no wonder the special interests have shoveled cash into his campaign. His bank account is bulging, while mine is skinny. But I don’t worry about his super-rich friends. The truth, combined with people like you, gives me something he can never match.

Our polls show that the people of Texas are ready to support someone who can be trusted to do as he promises, and work for the free market, honest money, a balanced budget, and a pro-American foreign policy. Phil Gramm, who has openly admitted to not being his own man, can be defeated….if I can get my message out.

One newspaper charged that I would like to “take a chainsaw to the federal budget.” As a doctor, I’d probably use a scalpel, but the idea is right on target. Phil works to expand the government; I work to cut it. And my deeds match my words.

The Establishment has a big stake in big government, so it’s no surprise that Phil Gramm will spend $1.5 million in the weeks before the May 5th primary election.

If I cannot raise and spend $558,000, I will lose. I’ve enclosed a campaign memo with all the facts.

The preliminary signs look good. Ordinary people are changing their minds about who the real Phil Gramm is, and members of his campaign leadership have come over to my side.

I have found, in 140,000 miles of travel, that it takes me five minutes to convert an audience. Our ideas are that powerful. But there is no way I can reach everyone in person.

I must be able to get our TV spots on Texas stations, keep our offices open, organize our thousands of volunteers, keep our phone banks operating, print and mail brochures, and pay travel expenses. Not only to present our side, but to counter the opposition’s well-financed dirty tricks.

And not one dime goes to slick fundraisers. We must have the lowest overhead in America, thanks to the magnificent finance organization run by my wife, Carol.

My campaigns have always run on a shoestring. But that shoestring will do the job, with your help.

As a good supporter, you deserve the facts. My latest poll shows Phil Gramm still ahead. But he is headed down, and I am headed up.

If the election were held today, I would lose. But the momentum is all my way. With an additional $558,000, I can beat Phil Gramm. Without that money, about one-third of what he will spend, there will be champagne toasts on the bankers’ yachts, as I am kicked out of public life. They want me and our ideas out of Washington so badly they can taste it through the caviar.

But I’m not going to let them beat me…not if you’re on my side. I’ve always been the underdog in my races. Just as in the past, I can confound the powerful. But not without you.

The big New York banks and their pals in Texas, want me silenced. But the people want a man of principle in the Senate, not a compromising, back-slapping friend of lobbyists. But if I can’t get my message out, that makes zero difference.

Please. Send as much as you can, as quickly as you can. Every day, and every dollar, counts. If you could send $100, $75, $50, $25, or any amount, that would be great. If you can afford $250, $500, or even $1000, that would be magnificent.

And please send what you can today. I have never needed your help more. You and I can do great things for our country, but only if you help.

Warmest regards,

Ron Paul
Member of Congress

P.S. Every day counts. Please send as much as you can — right away. Carol and I will be looking for your envelope.

P.P.S. Please help me counter the lies, and spread the truth. I can’t do anything without you as my partner.

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A scan of this letter can be found at @RP_Newsletter, “April 1984: Ron Paul for U.S. Senate Letter”.

On August 19th, 2014 the link to this letter was changed from a defunct one at the New Republic to scans at the blog @RP_Newsletter.

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