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J.G. Ballard’s Definitions

From A User’s Guide to the Millenium.

Jazz Music’s jettisoned short-term memory, and no less poignant for that.

Pornography The body’s chaste and unerotic dream of itself.

Genocide The economics of mass production applied to self-disgust.

Forensics On the autopsy table science and pornography meet and fuse.

Answering machines They are patiently training us to think in a language they have yet to invent.

Criminal science The anatomizing of illicit desire, more exciting than desire itself.

War The possibility at last exists that war may be defeated on the linguistic plane,. If war is an extreme metaphor, we may defeat it by devising metaphors that are even more extreme.

Modernism The Gothic of the information age.

Apollo mission The first demonstration, arranged for our benefit by the machine , of the dispensability of man.

Personal computers Perhaps unwisely, the brain is subcontracting many of its core functions, creating a series of branch economies that may one day amalgamate and mount a management buy-out.

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