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The Nevada State Party Democratic Convention: An Attempt At A History Part One

I worked on this.

An attempt to convey the events leading up to the turmoil of the 2016 Nevada State Party Democratic Convention. These events include the disorganization of the state caucuses as well as the suspension and possible arrest of the credentials chair before the Clark County convention. The events of the state convention will be covered in part two, which will only be finished in August, after the democratic national convention.

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The Ron Paul Newsletters: A Slight Return

Around the time that this blog started, one of the projects tackled was to transcribe various newsletters that Ron Paul had published, from the late seventies into the mid nineties: “Ron Paul Paper Trail – The Newsletters”. There is constant discomfort and denial of what was in these newsletters, not simply a case of inappropriate or unartful language used, but the most venomous feeling in American life given vent. Even the excellent recent profile, “The Revenge of Rand Paul” by Ryan Lizza, shies somewhat from their content, and does not mention “Blast ’em?”, in which the reader is instructed on how to kill a black man and get away with it.

Given the growing momentum behind his son’s campaign for president in 2016 and my own difficulty writing various posts, this seems like an apt time to post the remaining unposted newsletters that were lying around my drive, so that their content might be easily searched for, copied, and re-transmitted. Those newsletter excerpts that I had pdfs for, I uploaded to scribd; the remainder are accompanied by scanned images of the newsletter excerpts which I got from the invaluable @RP_Newsletter.

Notable moments include sympathy for Scientologists because they managed to infiltrate the IRS through their Snow White operation (“Time for Scientologists”, from “Ron Paul Survival Report June 1991”); the title and tone, “Animals Take Over the D.C. Zoo”, of a piece on a riot involving latino kids (from “Ron Paul Survival Report June 1991”) U.S. intervention in Bosnia criticized because it would bring about “a Muslim government in the heart of Europe that will be ruling over a Christian population” (“Clinton’s War for Reelection” from “Ron Paul Survival Report January 1996”); the sentence, “Thanks to Clinton and the Senate, we now have a far-left normal-hating lesbian activist heading the anti-discrimination bureau within HUD” (“Achtenberg Update” in “Ron Paul Survival Report July 1993”). Though he is often praised as a critic of police tactics, in his newsletter, Ron Paul Political Report June 1992 – A Special Issue on Racial Terrorism / This is America, 1992, Paul is upset at the amount of restrictions on the police in dealing with the L.A. riots. In such newsletter pieces as “Why Militias Scare the Striped Pants Off Big Government” (“Ron Paul Survival Report November 1994”) and “Are the Federal Chickens Coming Home to Roost?” (“Ron Paul Survival Report August 1995”) he takes entirely the opposite tact, chastising the federal government for a raid on the Waco compound, a compound with a cache of weapons. I leave it to the reader to distinguish the reason for the difference in approach. Perhaps because of 2016, most interesting among this recent batch of newsletters is his attitude toward Bill and Hillary Clinton. From “Ron Paul Survival Report July 1993”, there is “Hillary’s Marxism”: “She is surrounded by Marxists, and has been since her student days…Like all Marxists, she is also duplicitous.” From “Ron Paul Survival Report August 1994”, there is “Murderous Clintonians”, which accuses the Clintons of murdering Vincent Foster: “In the entire Foster report, not one mention was made of the decade-long adulterous affair between Hillary Clinton and Vince Foster…Given this obvious coverup, how much less likely is it that Fiske would have considered exposing a murderous plot to kill Foster? If he doesn’t report on well-known facts that have bearing, we can’t expect him to report on something as earth-shaking as a murderer in the White House.”

These newsletters are written under the name of Ron Paul, and often adopt most of his qualities, so any reader would assume that Paul had written them. Paul lives at Lake Jackson, the New Deal housing development mentioned in “The Revenge of Rand Paul” as the place where Rand Paul grew up, and it’s Lake Jackson that is mentioned as the home of the newsletter writer in “Blast ’em?”: “I frankly don’t know what to make of such advice, but even in my little town of Lake Jackson, Texas, I’ve urged everyone in my family to know how to use a gun in self defense. For the animals are coming.” The piece “Who Wrote Ron Paul’s Newsletters?” by Julian Sanchez and David Weigel would allege that it was Lew Rockwell, Paul’s former congressional chief of staff, who wrote these newsletters. “Paul Disowns Extremists’ Views but Doesn’t Disavow the Support” by Jim Rutenberg and Serge F. Kovaleski, an overview of the controversy when the newsletters came out in 2011 gave his stance on what had been published under his own name: “I disavow those positions,” he said in the interview. “They’re not my positions, and anybody who knows me, they’ve never heard a word of it.” Though Paul was supposedly shocked by the content of the newsletters published under his name, but which he never read, he did not treat Rockwell as an apostate. “The Ron Paul Institute: Be Afraid, Very Afraid” by James Kirchick, the writer who’d done more than just about anyone to bring the newsletter story to the fore, would describe the creation of a think tank in 2013 with Lew Rockwell on the advisory board. “If Paul “disavow[s] those positions” expressed in the newsletters,” Kirchick would ask, “as he adamantly told the Times less than two years ago, then why would he place their presumed author on the board of a think tank bearing his name?”

On October 2nd, Terry Gross would interview Ryan Lizza about his profile on the NPR program “Fresh Air”, “As He Considers A Run For President, Rand Paul Tries to Rebrand Himself”. It was an insightful interview, especially so on the subject of the newsletters.

From the 32:33 to 35:19 segment of the interview:

It was in that campaign, that Ron’s opponent, Charles Morris, got a hold of some of the newsletters. Some of Ron Paul’s newsletters, that had quotes in them like, “We are constantly told that it is evil to be afraid of black men. But it is hardly irrational. Black men commit murders, rapes, robberies, muggings, and burglaries, all out of proportion to their number.” And you quote that in your article, and you also quote one of the Ron Paul newsletters as saying that, “Most black males in Washington D.C. were quote semi-criminal to entirely criminal” and “Only about five percent of blacks have sensible political opinions.” You say at the time, Ron Paul didn’t dispute that he’d wrote these articles-

He did not.

But years later, he said they were ghostwritten.

That was news to me, because I remember when this controversy erupted, much later, in the 2012 campaign. But when you go back and look at the Texas newspapers that covered the ’96 campaign, when, I don’t think people remember this, but the racist newsletters that Ron Paul wrote, was a huge issue in his ’96 campaign, and during that campaign, he did not deny that he wrote them, and the newspapers at the time reported just straight up that he did write them, and it went undisputed by Ron Paul. And many years later, he said, “Well, they weren’t- Yes, I sold them, but I didn’t write them.” Frankly, to me, it’s not much of a distinction.

So, what does that say about Rand, Ron Paul’s son, who is working on his father’s campaigns, one would assume he’s read those newsletters, and didn’t do anything to back away from those racist statements, didn’t do anything at the to try to moderate those racist statements?

I think this is where you get into the question of, how much does the son have to pay for the sins of the father-

Wait, but let me just interrupt here, the son worked for the father on that campaign, and-

Helped him win it!

-was theoretically supporting his father’s views…

Absolutely. And I think that will…if he runs, that will be an issue for him. And a legitimate issue. What did you know about your father’s newsletters? You worked on that campaign, you said you helped win it. You told- He’s boasted about helping his dad win that campaign. It’s a small family. This family is very close. Well, you were reading your dad’s newsletters, right? Those are all questions I didn’t explore every avenue of that, but there’s no doubt this issue of race that has sortof haunted the Paul family now for many years, is one that’s going to play a huge role, if he runs for president.

Near the end, from 36:42 to 37:56 on the audio file:

Is there anything that you found particularly surprising or particularly enlightening when you were reporting this piece on Rand Paul?

One thing that stood out…to me, is that….this is really a piece about a father and son, who share so much in common, and the reason the son got to where he is in life, is because of his father. He wouldn’t be a United States Senator without his father. He told me as much. And now, for him to take the next step, to get where he wants to go next, his father is basically what’s standing in the way. His father’s history and associations. And, you know, that’s an awfully tough predicament to be in, for a politician. I mean, one of the things I was really surprised to learn…do you know who the best man at Rand Paul’s wedding was?


It was his dad. It was Ron Paul. And so, you know, he obviously has a deep affection and relationship with his dad. And yet, it’s his dad, and his dad’s sortof peculiar mix of associations and outrageous statements that are gonna haunt him when he runs for president.

The following are the newly posted newsletters:

Ron Paul Survival Report March 1990 – AIDS as a Communicable Disease / Palestinian Rights?

Ron Paul Survival Report June 1991 – Tax Guerilla Warfare / Animals Take Over the D.C. Zoo / King George and Foreign Aid / Challenge to Liberty / Curious George / Time for Scientologists / Politically Correct? / More Nonsense From Gingrich

Ron Paul Survival Report December 1991 – Mr. Johnson’s Magic

Ron Paul Survival Report July 1993 – The Koresh Tapes / Randy Weaver / The Unmentionable Cause of Breast Cancer / Clinton’s Deficit Cutting / Gergen’s Connections / Achtenberg Update / Hillary’s Marxism

Ron Paul Survival Report August 1994 – Buy a Gun, Now / Haitians and Americans / Hessians / Murderous Clintonians

Ron Paul Survival Report November 1994 – Why Militias Scare the Striped Pants Off Big Government / South African Gold Developments / North American Gold / Go Minorco

Ron Paul Survival Report August 1995 – Are the Federal Chickens Coming Home to Roost? / A Dollar Coin?

Ron Paul Survival Report January 1996 – Clinton’s War for Reelection / Ceour [sic] d’Alene Mines

Previously posted newsletters follow:

Ron Paul Freedom Report April 1978 – devoted entirely to the handover of the Panama Canal

Ron Paul Survival Report August 1983 – Big Government Serves the Power Seekers, Not Freedom / Big Government Threatens Our Health and Freedom / Big Government Causes Massive International Debt and War

Senate Fundraising Letter 1984

Ron Paul Report January 1988 – AIDS: Something Else We Can Thank Government For? / Bush or Weed?

Ron Paul Political Report September 1988 – Just Another Day’s Work for David Rockefeller / Private Quayle / The Last Temptation of Christ

Ron Paul Political Report April 1989 – Salman Rushdie Affair / Radicals As Media Distractions

Ron Paul Political Report November 1989 – The Establishment at Play / A Hero Honors Heroes / Sex on George Bush’s Locker

Ron Paul Political Report December 1989 – “Needlin’” / The District of Bogata, Columbia / Schultz Speaks the Truth, for Once / Run, Jesse, Run / Hurrah for Secession! / A Black Eye for Washington? / Congressional Courage / Washington, D.C.: A Black Thing? / Poor Jim Bakker / The Pension Fund Bail-Out / Flown the Koop

Ron Paul Political Report January 1990 – AIDSomania / Dan Rather Explained

Unknown Publication February 1990 – Religion in the Post-Communist Era / The Coming Race War

Ron Paul Political Report June 1990 – Race War? / Black Robed Justice / The Abolition of Private Property / The Pink House? / Private Justice in New York

Ron Paul Political Report October 1990 – King City? / Hate Crime? / Family Values on Pennsylvania Avenue / Caring for the AIDS Patient

Ron Paul Political Report November 1990 – Jews and Christians Against a Mideast War / The Duke’s Victory / More Federal Spying / Kempocrisy / U.N. Tyranny

Ron Paul Political Report January 1992 – Presidential Politics: Patrick Buchanan Endorsement / Six Questions

Ron Paul Political Report June 1992 – A Special Issue on Racial Terrorism / This is America, 1992

Ron Paul Political Report July 1992 – Encore / Sister Souljah / Liberation or Slavery? / The Government Temptation / Panama’s Gratitude / The Racial Racket / Real Racial Discrimination / Foreign Buyout?

Ron Paul Political Report October 1992 – Blast ‘Em? / Weld’s Rise And Fall / Straws in the Wind

Ron Paul Political Report November 1992 – Condoms? / Spaasky vs. Who? / Left-Wing Takeover / Willie Horton’s President / Seizing Property at Gunpoint

Ron Paul Survival Report January 1993 – untitled excerpt where he calls Commerce Secretary Ron Brown a racial victimologist / Gold and South Africa / The Somalian Question / Another Theory on Somalia / Federal Kidnapping Undone / The Norplant “Solution” / A Real Rocky Mountain High / Poor Marge Schott! / The Costs of Equality / Clinton’s School Choice / The Donald Scott Case / People Prefer Their Own / A Cashless Test / Gays and the Military / Equal Opportunity / The Future of Pensions / Economic Notes / The Disappearing White Majority / Ronald Reagan’s Contemptible Speech

Ron Paul Survival Report March 1993 – Clinton’s Illegitimate Children / Clinton’s Sacrificial Altar / Trouble at Treasury / Price Controls / More Haitians? / You Can’t Fire a Freak / Harry Schultz on the Strategy Report

Ron Paul Survival Report April 1993 – The New York Bombing / Rush To Gold / What is Income?

Ron Paul Political Report January 1994 – The ADL Gets Off Scot Free / AIDS Dementia / The CFR

Ron Paul Survival Report September 1994 – Chastity, Not Condoms / Avoiding AIDS / Using Gold During Chaos

Ron Paul Survival Report January 1995 – Ten Militia Commandments / Bearish on the Precious Metals? / A Resurrected Ecu?

Ron Paul Survival Report May 1995 – Join Me in the Battle For America / More Bailouts Ahead

Ron Paul Survival Report September 1995 – Waco, Ruby Ridge, Oklahoma City, Foster / Black Helicopters? / No Trespassing / Phony Train Wreck

Ron Paul Survival Report May 1996 – Why He Traveled / Up and Up / Funny Money

(On October 3rd, the interview of Ryan Lizza by Terry Gross on Fresh Air was added. On October 6th, text and link were slightly changed for the September 1995 report, to reflect the added material about the allegation that the Oklahoma City bombing was a government conspiracy.)

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Ron Paul Newsletters / Ron Paul Survival Report July 1993

A transcript of the Ron Paul Survival Report of July 1993. Scan of this report is on postimage:

july 1993 1 july 1993 2 july 1993 3

The report was taken from the blog, @RP_Newsletter, “July 1993: The Ron Paul Survival Report”.

per ounce dropped to $304 an ounce in the first quarter of ’93 down from $368 a year ago. Homestake’s policy of not selling its production forward means the company participates fully in a rising gold market.

Another good company is Agnico Eagle Mines (OTC-AEAGC $9 1/4) Agnico Eagle produces approximately 170,000 ounces of gold annually and has recently hit a new high-grade zone at its La Ronde gold mine in Quebec. Agnico Eagle will benefit from rising silver prices as well. The company’s silver operations are currently shut down awaiting $6-$7 silver.

One speculation we like – and you must hold the blue chips first – is Fairfield Minerals, Ltd. (TSE FFD $1 7/8). Fairfield is developing a high grade gold mine in southern British Columbia with the potential to produce 50,000 ounces annually. Last year the company produced 9,000 ounces as it was testing the continuity of the vein system.

Work for 1993 will test mining methods prior to making a commercial production decision. With talented management, a strong balance sheet and a promising ore body, Fairfield could be a winner.

The Koresh Tapes

Several months after the mass murder in Waco, Texas, the FBI released some transcripts of the local sheriff’s conversations with David Koresh, leader of the Branch Davidians, on the 911 line. Published by the Houston Chronicle, they confirm much of my initial analysis.

Far from revealing a crazy madman, the tapes show him to be a reasonable person, despite his alleged religious views, with a traditional American request: to be left alone. Of the BATF, he told the sheriff: “they could have arrested me any day, taking my jogs. Every day, I took them…I don’t care who they are. Nobody is going to come in my home, with my babies around, shaking guns around, without a gun back in their face. That’s just not the American way.”

Poor Koresh. He’s right that it ued to be the American way. But no longer. In the tapes, Koresh also relayed a comment made by an FBI agent to a Davidian who left the compound. “You give me the heebie-jeebies,” said the government goon to the Davidian. “I hope you fry.”

Koresh also said: “you brought a bunch of guys out here and you killed some of my children. We told you we wanted to talk.”

After the deaths of the Branch Davidians, Janet Reno said there would be no recriminations (investigations) into who did what to whom. The only hearings would be on how to do better next time. But after this tape cam out, she ordered an investigation as to why they were “leaked.”

If there were ever proof of a coverup, this is it. The government has quietly dropped its claim that the Davidians killed themselves, the line they insisted upon in the early days. They are still not forthcoming on why they were after Koresh in the first place.

I continue to believe the real purpose was to demonstrate the government’s power to go after gun owners and religious dissenters.

The original English settlers of this country came here with a religious goal in mind. They wanted a society that reflected their understanding of Christian morality.

Some of the Founders of the nation had views influenced by the Enlightenment and others were explicitly Deistic. But on the whole their worldview was not far removed from the form of Christianity preached and practiced by the early settlers. The result was a society, culture, and political order that reflected a Christian understanding of family, property, and ethics.

Somewhere between then and now, this was marginalized and repudiated. The federal government even feels itself justified in causing the deaths of 80 people who separated themselves so they could freely exercise their faith, just as the original settlers did.

Bill Clinton can pray at the graves of dead Kennedys, and Hillary can urge us to adopt a new secular spiritualism in the form of a “politics of meaning,” but public high schools can no longer have clergy to pray at graduation, just condoms in the classroom. In short, government and its apologists are the only entities entitled to free exercise of religion.

The rules that govern the free exercise of religion in this country are confused and contradictory. But people who hold to old-fashioned Christian values know that one thing comes through: they can no longer expect to have the expression of their religious faith culturally or legally protected.

What happened at Waco was a human rights violation as serious as any that occurred in the waning days of the Soviet Union. In fact, if anything such as this had occurred under Brezhnev, the U.S. government and human rights activists would have declared it as further evidence of Russia’s evil empire.

Already the memory of the martyrs at Waco is leaving our national conscience, thanks to the government and its kept press.

Lesser crimes in the past have led to the overthrow of whole governments, on the grounds that any government so wicked as to cause the mass death of innocents simply because they challenged state power cannot claim to be legitimate representatives of the people.

In the case of the United States, it should at least serve as a catalyst for drastically reducing the power of the federal government in our lives. For this is the government that has set fire to the Constitution just as surely as it burned the homes in Waco.

Randy Weaver

An atrocity that preceded Waco involved Randy Weaver, the Idaho political dissident whose wife and son were murdered by FBI snipers. The government lies surrounding this event are still coming out in the open. Under oath, the FBI admitted to tampering with the evidence to suppress the truth.

Here again the crime was a concocted infraction of the gun laws, a parking-ticket like offense. But the real concern was that some Americans had religious and racial beliefs that were politically incorrect.

David Bond, an Idaho columnist, said it all: “What would happen if some guys in camouflage came into your yard and lured your dog and your children outside, then shot them in the back,” then held a press conference, then “drew a bead on your spouse and blew her head off, all the while telling the media that you’re a dangerous, bigoted religious kook?”

The Unmentionable Cause of Breast Cancer

The tragedy of breast cancer is rightfully getting more

(page missing)

Clinton’s Deficit Cutting

Buried deep in the budget bill working its way through Congress is the sentence: “Increase the statutory limit on the public debt to $4.9 trillion to comply with reconciliation instructions.” Congress, at Clinton’s request, recently raised the debt limit by $250 billion, and this buried sentence raises it again by $600 billion for the coming fiscal year. In other words, $600 billion is what Clinton expects his “lowered deficit” to be! And usually these predictions are way too low. Note: the real deficit (the increase in the national debt) is always much larger than the official deficit reported int he press, thanks to various off-budget shenanigans that I fought when I was in Congress.

Gergen’s Connections

Before he could become President Clinton’s fix-it man at the White House, former Reagan spokesman David Gergen had to “resign” from some of his organizations. In case you had any doubts about the Gerg, they included the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bohemian Grove, the Aspen Institute, and the National Endowment for Democracy.

Gergen was editor and then columnist for U.S. News & World Report. Why isn’t being an Establishment shill considered a compromise of journalistic integrity? Or does no one pretend that such a thing exists any longer?

Achtenberg Update

Thanks to Clinton and the Senate, we now have a far-left normal-hating lesbian activist heading the anti-discrimination bureau within HUD. Her most vociferous opponent was Jesse Helms, bless him. A few days after her confirmation, in an interview with the Jewish Bulletin of Northern California, she called Helms’s opposition to her “anti-Semitic” because he called her “pushy.”

Hillary’s Marxism

Congressman Dick Armey (R-Tex.) is one of the better guys on Capitol Hill, but he found himself in hot water when he publicly stated that Hillary has Marxist friends. He then retracted the statement and apologized. But if he had chosen to do so, he could easily have defended this position. She is surrounded by Marxists, and has been since her student days.

Like all Marxists, she is also duplicitous. She can stand before the AMA and neutralize their opposition to her socialized medicine by saying exactly what the medical profession wanted to hear. (Say, I wonder what the AMA’s IQ is?)

By the way, anyone who wants to understand exactly how we got ourselves into this medical mess should read a small book by Terree Wasley called What Has Government Done to Our Health Care, a play on Murray N. Rothbard’s famous book on money. It is published by the Cato Institute in Washington, D.C.

Ethics in Government

After it turned out that taxpayers were paying for Stanford president Donald Kennedy’s yacht and other luxuries, the Department of Health and Human Services asked 261 colleges and universities to examine their books for similar expenses wrongly billed to Uncle Sam. The biggest offender, the University of Wisconsin at Madison, had $10.5 million in illegal billings. The charges were run up when Donna Shalala was the campus’ Chief Executive Officer. She illegally charged $58,000 for maids, flowers, and other luxuries. Kennedy was fired as Stanford’s president. Shalala is now secretary of Health and Human Services.

Just What We Need

The Clinton administration is determined to broaden the definition of “standing” with regards to the court. With a broader definition it will become easier for individuals and environmental groups to sue companies who they believe are violating federal environmental standards. This will not only play havoc with the court system, but will put another money wrench into the business of doing business.

Clinton will use this as a criterion for appointing federal judges and he is going to have ample opportunity to do that over the next three years. Also, the liberal Congress, at Clinton and Gore’s urging is passing environmental statutes that will encourage more lawsuits. Both the Clean Water Act and the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act that are now going through the Congress are going to broaden the power of the U.S. government and enhance the ability of environmental groups to file harassing lawsuits. It will be a boon to the attorneys, as usual, and will further undermine the integrity of our economic system.

Lost Dreams

For two decades Sweden has been held up as the ideal socialist state. The Swedes eventually reached a point

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