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A transcript of the August 1995 Ron Paul Survival Report. A scan of this excerpt of the newsletter is on scribd: “Ron Paul Survival Report August 1995”.

August 15, 1995 Volume XI, Number 8

Are the Federal Chickens Coming Home to Roost?

Anyone who has worked in a bureaucracy knows how all-consuming a public scandal can be. Lacking any real work to do, and fearing only public exposure, press attention causes whole departments to slip into chaos and effectively to shut down.

That describes the current status of the ATF, the FBI, and the Justice Department, and many other agencies in government that are watching the fun. A series of mishaps (not to mention murders) has undermined their credibility and turned each agency into a viper’s nest of recriminations.

The “Good Ol’ Boys Roundup” attended by agents of the FBI, the IRS, ATF, and other agencies has led to serious problems for the agencies. Agents were shown on a video engaging in activities that Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin described as “abjectly racist and anti-Semitic behavior.”

Trouble is, it is supposed to be the militias and right-wing anti-government groups who do racist and anti-Semitic things. However, I can’t remember seeing a Hollywood production about “hate” in the federal government. This is why this video, filmed by an actual militia member, has caused such a stir. There is no evidence the militias are haters; but now we’ve got a video that shows government agents doing things the government itself has defined as hate crimes.

That video is only the beginning of the federal government’s troubles right now. It has capped weeks of Glasnost on the two incidents that have galvanized the biggest anti-government movement this country has seen since the Whiskey Rebellion.

The matter of Ruby Ridge, a murderous affair which has become a rallying point for everyone oppressed by the feds, is a central cause of the uproar. The case offers an inside look at how the federal government operates: through threats, coercion, killing, and lying.

They tried to keep it under wraps, but Justice Department’s secret study on the Randy Weaver case has surfaced thanks to a heroic leaker. It is 542 pages long, and was sent anonymously onto the Internet, becoming impossible to suppress.

The study demonstrated that key documents were destroyed showing how Weaver’s wife and young son were killed in 1992. The FBI and Justice are replete with internal recriminations and accusations.

FBI agent Michael Kahoe has been suspended pending this investigation. He was responsible for the very first Weaver review, and may have shredded documents. Sources are now saying that if these charges are proved true, this would indicate a coverup by the highest-ranking FBI officials.

Testimony at the Randy Weaver trial showed that the FBI first removed all evidence. Once an investigations ensued, they “replaced” all the materials in the cabin pretending that they had never touched it, and some of it was made-up. This was one of the main reasons the defendants won without calling a single witness.

This investigation is important because it will show that the FBI is more illegal than the people it is investigating. All patriotic Americans were outraged that Larry Potts, who was in charge of both Waco and Ruby Ridge, was promoted to second in charge at the FBI. Prior to Congressional hearings, however, the Clinton administration booted him back down again.

These high profile cases where the FBI is caught in wrongdoing are crucial to the future of the country. They can cripple these government activities and diminish the government’s respectability in the eyes of the public. The truth is that FBI, ATF, and DEA abuses are too numerous to count, and the vast majority never reach the newspapers.

At the same moment of these Weaver disclosures, another atrocious incident is coming unraveled: Waco. Thanks to an amazing amount of constituent pressure – pressure that has only increased since the Oklahoma City bombings despite media smears – Congress is holding hearings and demanding documents from the Justice Department and the ATF. A joint House committee demanded additional papers from the White House on just how the raid was approved.

The White House responded that they wouldn’t give the papers on ground [sic] that “some of them go to the core of the kinds of things the institutional presidency must protect” and are “totally innocuous.” Hmmm. Why does that not sound like a plausible reason?

Here’s what the White House fears. Clinton was briefed on the raid on April 18, 1993, the day before it occurred. His papers should have complete notes on what occurred at the meetings, which may in turn give some indication about the reasons the raid was approved in the first.

There’s still a great deal of mystery surrounding why the Branch Davidians were targeted in the first place. There are thousands of non-mainstream religious groups in this country. Some are left wing, some are right, and some are apolitical. Many of them have an institutional supply of food and weapons. The government generally leaves them alone.

What did the Branch Davidians do to bring them to the attention of the feds, and why did they arouse so much animosity with the Justice Department? What was the role of the secretive and powerful “Cult Awareness Network” in identifying the group and contacting its friends at the Justice Department?

Where did Janet Reno get the idea that children were being abused inside the compound? Why did she continue to say so after she had been corrected? Who was advising her within the department and what are the institutional affiliations of her advisors outside of the department?

There are hundreds of other questions. For example: Did the agents know that the CS gas they pumped so massively into the house was highly flammable? Is this what caused the fire? Did they also know that it was deadly for children?

The Washington Establishment is against these hearings. They don’t want any suggestion, ever, that the government is something less than wonderful to become public. D.C. also hates the idea of being held accountable for its actions.

If the new freshmen – who are primarily responsible for these hearings – do nothing else in this Congress beside hold these hearings, they will have justified their terms. The entire government will not come crashing down, but if they do their job, they will likely expose a conspiracy at the highest levels of government.

The Republican leadership of the House and Senate are already being offered deals to back away from the uglier aspects of the Waco and Weaver atrocities. But with their own party members and voters breathing down the backs of their necks, they may be in no position to accept.

Meanwhile, the bureaucrats in the federal government continue to hold memorial services for the victims of the Oklahoma bombing. Nothing is yet schedules for the far more numerous victims of the government.

Against all odds, the facts about Waco and Weaver are making it into public, and complaints against the government are being heard. The psychological change this causes cannot be overlooked. People have begun to look more carefully at other police functions of the government – in particular the brutal tactics it uses to collect revenue – and ask even more questions.

A Dollar Coin?

I’m often asked whether I favor replacing the dollar bill with a dollar coin. As much as I don’t like paper money, it’s probably better than a tin dollar spraypainted gold.

The government says it can save $400 million per year with the new coin. Since when did Washington care about such amounts? There’s more going on here. Before the government undertakes a much larger switch of the currency, the Fed and the Treasury want to see how well a switch from one form of currency to another goes.

Though you will never read this in the news stories, that’s why the dollar coin continues to be an issue. After the Susan B. Anthony fiasco, when the government issued a form of money that nobody really wanted, the bureaucrats are shy about any form of new money. If they intend to exchange our present stock of money with bills which are colored and can be traced, they have to make sure they won’t be rejected by the market.

But the move has set some powerful business interests against the government. The American Banking Association opposes the idea on solid grounds. It is more expensive to ship dollar coins than dollar bills. The change would simply shift costs form [sic] the government to the private sector.

Currently, Senators are shifting around to decide the fare of the dollar coin issue. If it ultimately passes Congress, it will be with a very long phase-in period of fours years or more. My prediction: the dollar will stay in circulation and the new coins,

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