Ron Paul Newsletters / Ron Paul Survival Report August 1994

A transcript of the August 1994 Ron Paul Survival Report. A scan of this excerpt of the newsletter is on scribd: “Ron Paul Survival Report August 1994”.

Buy a Gun, Now

In a matter of months, or perhaps sooner, the federal government will begin a crackdown on the only remaining legal way to buy an unregistered gun: private sales at gun shows and through classified ads. Since the passage of the Brady bill, gun shows have become enormously popular, attracting people from all walks of life. Licensed dealers have to comply with all the unconstitutional BATF paperwork. If you meet a private person with a gun to sell, it is not only legal for him to sell it to you, but for you to buy it, without any paperwork whatsoever.

The feds, with the help of the Wall Street Journal and other establishment news outlets, has begun to claim that gun shows are used by gang members to buy weapons. In fact, gang members do not need to go to shows. Plenty of guns are available on the streets. It is middle and working class people who fear the streets and go to gun shows to purchase weapons for their self-defense.

But as with other anti-gun propaganda, the gun lobby does not have the strength to counter the disinformation with facts. The left pretends as if the NRA is the most powerful lobby in Washington. If that were true, legislation based on pure lies would not stand a chance of passing.

So get to a gun show. They are usually advertised in the sports section of the newspaper. Another option is to comb the want ads in your local newspaper. Through these means, you can purchase all the guns you might need, without paperwork. At the same time, you should always have at least one registered weapon to turn in when the BATF stormtroopers come calling, as they may if the American people don’t stop this evil crusade.

However you go about it – whether through the want ads or the guns shows – you will need to act soon. Gun prices have settled down a bit since the hysteria of a few months back. You might catch the market at the lowest it is going to be for the foreseeable future. And remember, it is never wise to underestimate the feds’ determination to disarm the public.

Haitians and Americans

The Left has found a war it can love. It is expensive. It is not in our national interest. It promotes the United Nations and therefore world government. It risks American lives to help the underclass of a third-world country. And it has an unmistakable racial dimension. I speak, of course, of the military operation in Haiti, which all the left-liberals seem to favor.

Where have all the Peaceniks gone? Into the Republican Party. They deserve credit for not beating the drums for this outrageous war. But they should have resisted our first act of war against Haiti, the embargo which has driven standards of living even lower.

Haiti, like all countries of a similar type, is ruled by a cruel government. The system reflects the demographic makeup of the country: overwhelmingly populated by poor, uneducated, and superstitious blacks, but ruled by an educated mulatto elite. It is that elite which the Congressional Black Caucus has targeted (even though polls suggest that black Americans have no interest in the situation at all).

The question is not whether Haiti can have a constitutional republic. That is out of the question. The question boils down to letting the natural elites rule or imposing “democracy” and a communist ex-priest as president, risking mass bloodshed of Rwandan proportions.

It is always hard to root against your own government in foreign affairs, but the consequences of displacing the Haitian elites with Jean Bertrand Aristide would be disastrous.

It is a sign of Bill Clinton’s weakness that he has allowed himself to be dragged into this conflict. He knows it is against his long-run self interest. No regular American wants to take over Haiti and put it on AFDC and food stamps, which is what would happen.


As the U.S. sends its soldiers to police foreign lands, the U.S. government is inviting foreigners to police us. It happens under every tyranny. Governments rely on distant enforcers when local ones would be insufficiently brutal. The local police in Waco, Texas, for example, would never have torched the Branch Davidians. This psychological dimension explains why every dictatorship in world history has centralized the police function.

The Clinton crime bill passed by the House and Senate centralizes enforcement in myriad ways. And it also takes the astounding step of recruiting foreigners from the Royal Hong Kong Police to serve in federal “law enforcement” (Section 5108) Fortunately, some state legislators are standing up to this outrageous idea, which reminds me of King George’s Hessian mercenaries used against our Founding Fathers.

The crime bill will also cost the American taxpayers more than $30 billion, yet it will not result in less crime. The bill itself is a “crime” in that it violates the Constitution. It also violates the rights of the American citizens by having more of their wealth confiscated through taxation.

Federal crime control is contrary to all that was intended by the Founders. It raises the number of federal crimes from 22 to 70. The one benefit from this is that it is stirring up the judges and prosecutors in the state law enforcement agencies whoa re losing control. May they someday reject this and all other unconstitutional federal mandates, in obedience to the 10th Amendment.

Murderous Clintonians

The media trumpeted “Independent Counsel” Robert Fiske’s conclusion that Vincent Foster killed himself and was not therefore murdered, contrary to reports in this newsletter and others. Fiske came to this conclusion by noting that Foster was “depressed.” And what about the odd positioning of the gun? Recall that it stayed in his hand, and not ten or twenty feet away, as one would expect. Fiske said his thumb stuck in the trigger.

That’s it, the whole report. It was astonishingly thin. It begged questions, dismissed others entirely, and evaded crucial pieces of evidence to the contrary. Yet the Counsel’s explanation was enough for the statist media. Not one American media outlet dared raise any points in opposition.

Of course, nobody seriously thought that errand boy Fiske would conclude otherwise. In some sense, it is amazing a commission was forced to comment on it at all. But let’s just say he had discovered evidence of a White House conspiracy to kill Foster and cover it up. Would he have revealed it?

Let’s see. In the entire Foster report, not one mention was made of the decade-long adulterous affair between Hillary Clinton and Vince Foster. Yet this affair has been well documented by many sources. The press in Arkansas and Washington spoke of it often. Everyone in the White House knew about it. Yet this fact, which would seem to have some bearing on the Foster investigation, was never mentioned.

Given this obvious coverup, how much less likely is it that Fiske would have considered exposing a murderous plot to kill Foster? If he doesn’t report on well-known facts that have bearing, we can’t expect him to report on something as earth-shaking as a murderer in the White House.

Meanwhile, even The Economist has reported on the deaths associated with the Whitewater affair. The Vincent Foster “suicide” was far from the only one. Also included:

1. “On May 11th this year Kathy Ferguson, a 38-year-old hospital worker was found dead in Sherwood, Arkansas. A gun shot had pierced her right temple in what a local police report labeled a suicide. A note was found next to the body suggesting as much. Mrs. Ferguson’s death came only five days after her ex-husband, Danny Ferguson, an Arkansas state trooper, was named as co-defendant in Paula Jones’s sexual harassment suit against Bill Clinton.”

2. “On July 12th Bill Shelton, an Arkansas police officer, was found dead – again in Sherwood, Arkansas – lying sprawled on the grave of Mrs. Ferguson, who was his girlfriend at the time of her death. Again a suicide note was found next to the body. The police report, which again describes the death as suicide, states that the bullet entered behind the right ear and came out behind the left ear.”

3. “On August 15, 1993, Jon Walker fell to his death from the top of the Lincoln Towers Building in Arlington, Virginia. In March 1992, Walker, an investigator for the RTC had contacted the Kansas City RTC Regional Office for information concerning possible ties between Whitewater Development, Madison Guaranteed Savings and Loan, and the Clintons.”

4. “On September 26, 1993, Jerry Parks was killed when several bullets were pumped into him on a street corner in Little Rock, Arkansas. Parks had been the chief of security for Mr. Clinton’s national campaign headquarters in Little Rock during the 1992 presidential campaign. No autopsy report has been released nor has anybody been charged for what looks like a professional hit. Mr. Parks’ son, Gary, says his father carried out private investigations on Bill Clinton during the 1980s. He also says the material gathered was stolen from the family home in July 1993.”

5. “On July 26, 1992, Gary Johnson, a lawyer was beaten up so badly that he had to have a ruptured spleen removed. Mr. Johnson lived in Quapaw Towers, in Little Rock, in the flat next door to Jennifer Flowers. Miss Flowers claimed during the campaign to have had a twelve year affair with Bill Clinton, which Mr. Clinton denied.”

The Economist also reports that Dennis Patrick survived

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