Headlines of the 21st century that I liked

“Miley Wants You to Know Her Nudity Is Political (Presented by Capital One®)” from New York magazine. The subhead parenthetical, of course, is the note that makes it so memorable. The url is a new literature itself: “miley-wants-you-to-know-her-nudity-is-political.html?origin=candy?origin=candy?origin=candy?origin=candy”. “Yes,” she replied in a half sleepy whisper, “Origin equals candy.”

(The late movie critic Pauline Kael once accused American Grafitti’s title of wearing elevator lifts; this post heading tries to hold steady in mile high cloppers. Originally, it referred to the remarked on fragment as a sentence rather than a headline. The header once used exclusively alphas and no numericals to describe the century, which resulted in a letter chain that took up all the seats in one theater row as well as a few in the next. Reducing the time denominator to an elegant foursome has given the title a more comfortable seating arrangement. The emphatic closing drumbeat of the very necessary tattoo of the registered trademark, ®, had not yet been beaten or inked. That the eye catching part in the noted phrase is the strange convergence of political nudity under the sponsorship of a major bank, was made a day later, as appropriate for our uncouth century, nakedly explicit to every eye. All these great events took place on December 14th, 2013.)

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