The Case for Internet Commentary as Crucial Historical Document

The post title gives all necessary introduction, the comments are from Politico‘s “Why Terry McAuliffe barely won” by James Hohmann, on the victory of McAuliffe in Virginia. I make some attempt to place them in the sanctum of collective memory because we are so often told that these sentiments do not exist, exist only on the fringes, or that any such feeling exists only in the stereotype of the Tea Party conservative, the stereotype of the contemporary Republican. The question is sometimes asked why there are so many fringe conservative politicians, and it’s because there are so many fringe conservative voters; and this is not the fringe at all. The issue is sometimes brought up as to why such voters are not reasoned into a more mainstream conservatism, and what is actually asked is: why can these voters not be reasoned to a place where their sentiments deliver the same policy goals of the Republican elite without embarassing them? Part of the answer, I think, is in the comments below. Do they suggest rational sensibilities who might be persuaded by reason or fact, or do they suggest a paranoid dreamworld which has been abided and abetted for decades?

Note, as I said, that these comments are not from the fringe. The first was the most popular comment on the article, the firstmost when comments were sorted by bestmost. This was not a marginal article where fringe feeling might amass unchecked, but one of the most popular articles on the Politico site (thirdmost in overall popularity on November 7th when this was posted, the day after the article was published,). The first numbers in parenthesis represent the number of upvotes, the second the number of downvotes. Screen name links go to the specific comment.

Coranne (653) (62):

Very sad in Virginia when a corrupt political hack with no experience wins the governorship. I guess I really shouldn’t be all the surprised since the same thing happened in the past two presidential elections.

Jeffersonian527 (246) (24):

Republicans already have enough to overcome with the voting nannagins, If they had put the money and support behind CC he would have won by three last night….no doubt about it….out spent 10/1 in the final weeks who can overcome that? That is the lesson I get anyway it’s hard to beat the longtime clinton bagman with all the cash at his disposal and the opposition scraping by.

Jeffersonian527 (217) (23):

And now again another State must live by the leadership the citizens in one County of the State see as their ideological equal, while the rest of the entire State votes for a different leader. There will come a time when the States separate the large City and stop having to live by their set of principles. And vice versa

Zoltanne (238) (34):

There are 3 (D) Districts here in Virginia. They are heavily populated and as you say, those 3 regions control this vast state.

What we have is metastasized Socialist-cancer and if this isn’t stopped in other states, we won’t have an America left. We aren’t far off as it is…..By next year, more than half of our population will have been financially injured by Obamacare, while many will be physically harmed because of these socialist measures. Obama lied and now he’s covering up his own words, though they have been recorded and preserved. Corruption and lying doesn’t matter…..”the end justifies the means” and these corrupt snakes will harm lifestyles, destroy families, and kill Americans to push their ideology through.

tehe3 (130) (23):

The public is catching on! This ACA may be exactly the wake-up call that the nation needed to fully appreciate the curse of big government. True, the future will be hard and the road to recovery will be long. But it starts with a first step.

This ACA is opening the eyes of many who thought that elections and some socialist policies administered by a Big Central Government could be beneficial, but that dream will be shattered over the next 12 months!

This is the non-fatal heart attack that will cause us to change our daily lives and our outlook for the future.

Zoltanne (86) (22):

Definitely. And those of us who have prepared for the takeover and economic collapse won’t be sharing with the gimme-dats. They’re so used to being taken care of, they’ll think they can rob and pillage, but when the free-well runs dry then they’ll try to depend on others and their charity.

In our household, charity is through the churches for its members. And we are a conservative lot. We take care of our own, not the Progressives….they are The Walking Left and there’s only one way to deal with a mass like that.

Terry (37) (4):

Sure you do…I volunteer for second harvest …mainstream churches such as Episcopal,Methodist give much in both money and time…we don’t even bother asking the Evangelical churches who believe in the prosperity gospel.

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