Sentences I Very Much Liked

There is a spoiler to them, not plot-wise, since the plot detail is contained already in the story’s title, but because their aesthetic charge is a culmination, a gorgeous release from a strange, fascinating, still unfinished mystery, “Fallen Dean’s Life, Contradictory to Its Grisly End”, by William K. Rashbaum, Wendy Ruderman and Mosi Secret, with additional reporting by Kitty Bennett and Jeffrey E. Singer.

The sentences are these:

In death, on her bathroom floor, Dr. Chang’s face looked as if she were napping before her morning-court appearance. She wore a silky floral blouse paired with a black jacket. Her hair was neatly coifed. Her lipstick and rouge looked freshly applied, not at all smudged. There was barely a hint of anything askew, save for the shiny wire coiled around her throat like a necklace.

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