“Two And A Half Men: Camel Filters and Pheromones”: A Selection of Youtube Commentary

I saw camel..like oh wow…cameltoe…click..no cameltoe

who cleans windows with a sponge?

That window can’t be more clean.

Wait… She was cleaning something??

She missed a spot when she was cleaning the windows

u know how fking much that annyed me? 😛

@DevilzDontCry you’re right she did miss a spot, right at the bottom of the window……….and yes I’m single

No joke, it bugged the hell outta me! The whole time I was like “get that spot right? there, stop going around it!” lol

She sucks at cleaning windows…

while she was cleaning she missed a huge spot in the bottom center of the window >>>> does tht bother any1 else

My thoughts at the window scene: DAMNIT MEGAN WASH THE FUCKING MIDDLE.

…watching megan fox wash that window…was the most annoying thing ever! she kept missing the biggest spots!!!

That bish has never cleaned a window in her life. and i can tell

she isn’t cleaning well.

She refused to clean the lower middle of the window door…..

Thank god Megan Fox is hot! Because she can clean a window for shit.

i wouldnt make her clean ! i would make her have sex with me !

if you watch closely, those two man are having a conversation.?

i have some news for you: you’re gay

Way too much makeup! lol!

She’s gotten better at acting though…too bad she’s sort of blacklisted? now…Wish her and her family all the best.

Does anyone have a clip of her on her husband’s show?

let me guess, gay?


Actress maybe, but how does she keep ending up in slut like roles?

She’s actually really short in real life. like 5’2” barely, also she sucks at acting

shorter chicks are hotter than talll chicks man i really want to fuck a midget

this show was good but now when i rewatch after charlie shean and Angus actions and opinions i just cant enjoy it anymore even old ep. Wow they just ruined it

these is the best two and a half man episode ever megan is still hot and one this show is not the same out charlie sheen he was the life the show that why watch charlie u still kick ass this show is dead with out u

thanks but are you giving me a sarcasm??

Am i the only that beat my meat?

Did he just run into the door… Twice?

I got naked pics of Megan fox’s body…..anyone?

is in america a sixteen y.o girl that look like that exist? not in my country…?

Have you seen her nose? She looks amazing now.

Guys,i don’t know if you wanna know or not but i’d do her

She has a picture album on her facebook named “things you cant do with your face if you have botox”. She does the things. She is real (:

if you are going strictly by looks, i’d say she’s a hard ten. if you are including personality and everything else, she’s probably more like a six. i don’t know her personally, but usually extremely beautiful girls are stupid, a total slut, or both. before you ladies jump all over my comment, key word is “usually”.

Might you be a homosexual??

my friends and I asked random people in our school who would you go out with/fuck

Jennifer lopez or Megan fox 87% said megan fox

i swear i saw her on pornhub and? xnxx (megan fox that is)! yes i masturbate often but who doesnt

no one needs to knw that

if megan fox called me a stud a shit my pants!

3rd fastest runner to the lunch room more like it!

RON PAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I`m from Germany

I’m from ‘MERICA!

i like vagina

I’m almost 25 years old , and a female, is that sad for a girl to like some of this episode? I must say, some of the lines from the guys are quite entertaining! And Megan’s reactions!

am in fact 26. And it’s called rigor mortis you dumbass. I assume you don’t have a girlfriend, have you? So you wouldn’t have to … “play+the+meat+flute”. I just said, anywhere you see this woman, her mouth is open. She is in movies just for her lookings… have you seen “Jennifer’s Body” soooo effing bad acting. Just for her lookings.

Meagan fox is an ugly cunt. Pakistani women are Breyer looking than her

Only religious whackos and the pope dislike her. Even gay people would fuck her


and no pakistani and indian women arent even hairy. ive seen sexy pakistani/indian women on youtube and im having a hard time finding hair on their bellies or their skin. just look up sexy indian women on youtube and tell me if their skin is hairy. matter of fact just look at indian belly dancers or sexy mujra as for a few suggestions

Who gives a damn about a homemade video… Wow people are so weird lol.

Thumbs up if subject was racist lol

if your complaining about this… then i guess u have a floppy disk~

If this should have been funny… or offensive in any kind. You should make sure your joke is understood. Wasn’t neither funny nor offensive… quite nonsense… any modern computer these days does not have a floppy disk drive.

She not deserve to stay and play moviess like thiss … Her place is to BRAZZERS XD likeee if you think sooo 😛 god dam shee is hotttt 😀

Oh, so are you masturbate every time you hear that annoying laugh ? Kill yourself.

I’ll kill you instead.

Oh I’m so scary. Come here to eat some more of my shit.

Gee, nothing beats ‘Two and a Half Men’ from yore…

Oh, look, a shit American comedy for a change

I have to catch up on some paper work


what is that..ha ha ha..in background to tell us..when to fucking laugh ..?

hi *hahahahahahahaha*

whats your name *hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah­a*

really wheres the joke…

This is just embarrassing. It pains to watch. All I can hear is locomotive breath playing in my head.

so if you are 16 you can drive a car and wreck and murder people but you can’t have sex? seems strange to me

Did you murder many people when you were a kid?

if you wreck and kill people its murder. so shut thy pie hole fatty

There are laugh tracks for dialogs which are not even funny at all

Filmed in front of a live audience. It automatically let the cast and writers know what did and didn’t work. That’s why the show became so great.

Might be live but the laughs are FAKE.

They are not fake… These shows are acted out in front of live audiences.. So when it is funny they laugh or might be prompter to… either way… Live audience.

the laughs were mostly recorded 60 years ago so we basically hear a lot of dead ppl laugh

74 people have been transformed into gay guys ;o)

All this hate over this woman… damn cant yall just leave her be? Shes actually a trained actress and deserves to not be ridiculed simply because of her looks. In short, guys, dont hate just cuz you cant get none…

hahaha dumbass asshole that’s not going to bring you good karma or make her love you, she doesn’t really care what anyone writes here hahahahaha

I would walk 5 miles on glass (Bare footed) just to hear her fart through a walkie talkie.

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