Today’s Moment Of Sanity With Nicolas Cage

From Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans

A nurse, BINNIE, wheels an old woman, MISS ANTOINETTE, in a wheelchair into the room of an upscale rest home.

Detective Terence McDonagh (Nicolas Cage), hiding behind the door, pushes it slowly aside. He is shaving his face with an electric razor.


MISS ANTOINETTE: Binnie, call security.

MCDONAGH: Nobody’s calling anybody. Where’s your grandson, Binnie?

BINNIE: I don’t have to tell you anything.

MCDONAGH stops shaving and puts the razor away.

MCDONAGH: Yeah you do.

BINNIE: I haven’t done anything. My grandon hasn’t done anything. If he doesn’t want to be a witness, he doesn’t have to be a witness.

MCDONAGH: This was bigger than want to. This was a massacre. ChildrenWERE EXECUTED.

BINNIE: Well, maybe you shoulda thought of that before.

MCDONAGH: I need to know…where he is.

MISS ANTOINETTE: Young man, I would like to know the name of your superior.

MCDONAGH: Right now…I’m working on about an hour and a half’s sleep…over the past three days. And I’m still trying to remain courteous…and I’m beginning to think that that’s getting in the way of my being effective.

MCDONAGH approaches MISS ANTOINETTE and BINNIE, brushes MISS ANTOINETTE’s cheek tenderly. BINNIE brushes back MCDONAGH’s hand.

BINNIE: What are you doin’?

MCDONAGH, in a simple unhurried gesture, removes MISS ANTOINETTE’s breathing tube from her nose.

BINNIE: What…what are you doin!

MCDONAGH: I want to know…where…Darrylis.

BINNIE reaches for tube, MCDONAGH slaps her hand away.

MCDONAGH: Nobody saw me come in. Nobody knows I’m here. This old woman’s going to run out of air and you’re gonna have a tough time convincing people that it wasn’t (points finger violently at BINNIE) YOU that did it to her. And even if (slaps BINNIE’s hand again) and even if you do convince them (points finger violently at BINNIE again) YOU didn’t kill her on purpose (slaps BINNIE’s hand again) you’re still gonna have a tough time selling them that (points finger violently at BINNIE again) YOU took care of her worth a fuck. (slaps BINNIE’s hand again) Now listen to me. Wherethe fuckishe? (Pulls out gun and points it at BINNIE’s head) I said where the fuck is he?

BINNIE: He’s on an aeroplane! Mrs. Antoinette bought him a ticket! And sent him to live with her family! In England!

MCDONAGH puts pistol away.

MCDONAGH: All right. That’s okay, that’s okay. (puts breathing tube back in, MISS ANTOINETTE is whimpering from anxiety and need of air) That’s a good girl. Suck, suck it up. There you go, there you go, that’s it. Take it in. That’s a good girl. Take it in. Gooooood. Good. That’s right. Breathe. (To MISS ANTOINETTE) Maybe you should drop dead, you selfish cunt! You ever think about your kids? Or your grandkids? Huh? Sucking up their inheritance with that fucked oxygen tube? And Binnie’s fucked intensive care? You fucks. I hate you. I hate you both. I should, I should just (takes out gun again and points it at MISS ANTOINETTE)FUCKIN’ KILL YOU BOTH! (puts gun back again) You’re the fucking reason this country’s going down the drain.

MCDONAGH leaves, and closes the door, but without slamming or any violence at all.

This concludes our moment of sanity with Nicolas Cage.

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