Dear Blaise Pascal

With regard to your replies on this page:

William Faulkner didn’t write As I Lay Dying so some Wikiquote Wunderkind could pull that one quote about Pickett’s Charge out of context.

If every southern boy harks back to Pickett’s Charge and thinks This Time, maybe Ta Nehisi ought to read the whole goddamn book this time around before he meanders over to Wikiquote to haul out a few choice lines.

Why should I remain level headed when TNC goes for the cheap Wikiquote version of one of the strangest, saddest books on the American South?

Heh heh. Google and Wikiquote make geniuses of us all, now don’t they?

Leaving aside my disagreement with you on the many substantive issues here, and the overwhelming imaginative brilliance of this wikiquote comeback, you might want to avoid using the same putdown four times on a single web page, or you could be mistaken for i) a drinking game ii) someone with Tourette’s iii) one of the many beloved characters on Saturday Night Live played by Chris Kattan.

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