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September 15, 1995 Volume XI, Number 9

Waco, Ruby Ridge, Oklahoma City, Foster

They are the events that symbolize the most bitter political fight in five decades, taking place right now in this country. It is a struggle between individual liberty and big government, and in each case, the government has used, or may be using lies and trickery to prevent the public from knowing the full truth. Let’s take the cases one at a time.

The Waco hearings were supposed to put the matter of this Texas massacre to rest. Chairman Bill McCollum (R-FL) announced at the end of the hearings that the Davidians, led by a sex pervert, had started the fire. We were told: sure, government agents could have improved inter-agency communications, but they put their lives on the line to put down this crazy cult, and thus deserve our thanks.

This was actually a step back from the rather critical tone in previous government reports. Early on, the leadership decided to confine the Waco hearings to scoring political points. They had no intention of actually finding out the truth. Even mainstream reporters, quoted anonymously, called it a “dog-and-pony show.”

The hearings never looked into why the government had decided to go after the Branch Davidians in the first place. A number of reports have linked the left-wing and anti-religious Cult Awareness Network to the initial BATF interest.

That may be bunk. But we don’t know because the questioning of the Republicans centered entirely on how the bureaucracy of the Clinton administration handled the affair after the Justice Department had already decided to target the Davidians.

The conventional explanation for this oversight is that the surveillance of the Davidians began under the Bush administration – a plausible explanation unless you realize that Republicans have virtually nothing to lose by making Bush look bad, especially because Clinton would still get the lion’s share of the blame.

Then there is the matter of Kiri Jewell, the girl who claimed to have been molested by David Koresh. She was the only unscheduled witness called by the Democrats, and they called her with the permission of the Republican leadership. The Republicans were in turn shocked! shocked! to discover the nature of this testimony. But none of this is believable.

Evans Ambrose-Pritchard, a reporter for the London Sunday Telegraph writes that Kiri “had not been a resident in the compound – despite press reports to the contrary. She was living with her mother and grandmother in California for most of the years in question.”

In addition, he writes, Kiri’s father has had a series of unstable marriages and had been shopping for a day-time talk show to put his daughter on to make these charges. It’s been reported elsewhere that the allegations first arose in the context of a child custody battle, which itself brings them into grave suspicion.

Every word she uttered could have been a damnable lie, but the person she accused was dead and the Congressmen, for whatever reason, chose not to second guess her. But couldn’t they have at least asked who wrote her testimony?

Oddly, the House leadership and the White House are asking us to believe there was no conspiracy to destroy these people in Waco, when everyone knows that agents murdered Randy Weaver’s wife and child in Idaho. This is a story that only grows more ominous in the telling. At last the regular press is telling that story.

The Senate Ruby Ridge hearings begin this month. Arlen Spector, as bad as he is on abortion and other areas, seems anxious to find the truth. I say that because the FBI, in advance, has suspended people they think withheld documents and altered evidence for the trial of Randy Weaver. Let us never forget that the government tried to kill Weaver too, in the form of seeking the death penalty at the trial at which he was acquitted.

We’ll see if the Senate is interested in getting to the truth. If they search hard, they’re going to find out just how murderous and deceitful parts of the government bureaucracy really are.

In light of Ruby Ridge and Waco, it’s hard to take too seriously Clinton’s and Reno’s moral indignation about the deaths of innocent people in the Oklahoma City bombing. At the very best, it represents the height of hypocrisy. It may even mean that they care intensely about the deaths of government employees but not that much about American citizens.

Were there, as some people now say, two bombs that went off in the building? And might the government have the wrong man? Who doubts the possibility that the government – which lied about Waco and Rudy Ridge – may also be covering up true information and planting false information about the Oklahoma bombing?

Indeed, the government’s explanation of the bombing can’t possibly be true. In a courageous cover story, The New American did a complete round-up of the theories we’ve heard for months to the effect one bomb could not have done that much damage in that particular configuration, especially not to a building that was built to be bomb-proof.

Brigadier General Benton K. Partin (USAF, Ret.) has examined this issue as carefully as anyone. He is a bomb expert for the Navy who has blown up many buildings, and examined many that have been blown up. He knows about this building’s construction and what it would take to tear off a whole, nine-story side. His opinion is backed by other experts and, once you look carefully at the pictures, fits with common sense.

His 23-page report says, in essence, that a truck bomb could not have done this much damage to this building, especially since the most damaged part of the building was some distance from where the truck bomb actually went off. It appears that there was an additional bomb, probably strapped to a column inside the building (For a copy of the story, with color pictures, write for the August 7, 1995, issue of The New American, P.O. Box 8040, Appleton, WI 54913, enclosing $2.50)

The internal columns supporting the building were shattered where the outside ones were not. A larger bomb and/or internal placement of explosives are the only explanations for the particular configuration of devastation that took place. Very revealing seismographic reports suggest two or three blasts.

Architectural experts say the rest of the building was still in pretty good shape. The fact that the building was demolished so quickly, without a thorough investigation, has started a new concerted effort to investigate the investigators who may well have been involved in a cover-up.

During the McVeigh trial, yet to come, the discussion of the bomb’s characteristics obviously will come up. Some people think if there is a government cover-up, and it’s important enough to keep the American people ignorant of the facts, there’s a possibility of something happening to McVeigh before the trial. I hope and pray that we’re not quite at that pass, although elements of the government like the CIA think nothing of murdering people.

Nobody really knows what to think about McVeigh. Clearly, the government is desperate to call him guilty; why else would they put out openly implausible reports like the claim that he dropped a crumpled piece of paper in the car of the cop who arrested him that said “but more explosives”? I noticed that hasn’t been mentioned again.

There are other oddities about the official story. A fascinating publication called The Last Ditch (P.O. Box 224, Roanoke, IN 46783; $42 a year) recently interviewed Linda Thompson, the lawyer who made these famous videos about Waco that we’ve sold. Here’s a passage from the interview:

“I’m not buying the story that McVeigh is a lone nut, assisted by a couple of other lone nuts. On the one hand, the feds are imputing to him the intelligence to come up with this elaborate scenario where he goes to Junction City and rents a truck, he goes to Michigan and gets fertilizer, he takes all that fertilizer out of plastic bags and puts it in 55-gallon drums with just the right amount of diesel fuel, he rigs it all together with detonators so it will go off simultaneously, and somehow he gets it to Oklahoma city without blowing himself up and parks it in front of the federal building.

“On the other hand, he’s incredibly stupid; he escapes in the same car he used at the motel, he drops his license plate somewhere en route – all too conveniently – he exceeds the speed limit, he gets arrested, he allows the authorities to put out sketches of him after he is already in custody, and he conveniently drops a note in the police car that says, ‘buy more explosives.’…I wouldn’t buy this in a dime-store or C-grade movie.”

Governments notoriously use public events as excuses to expand government power and to galvanize public support for programs less than popular with the people unless it appears a

(pages missing)

the other end happens to be a federal agent. He thinks you may be a “money launderer,” and begins monitoring your correspondence. Recall that laundering is a very vague charge that can be pinned on innocent people just for using their own cash.

Indeed, the New York Times says this kiddie porn case has inspired the feds “to apply the same surveillance techniques to fight many other computer-related crimes, from consumer securities fraud to money laundering.” If you use these services, my advice is to be careful about things you broadcast over the world. You might be whispering in Janet Reno’s ear.

Black Helicopters?

Are foreign troops being stationed on American soil? In a manner of speaking. There may not be any black helicopters flying around representing the U.N., but foreign troops have been drilling in various states for more than a year, and many people are rightly up in arms about it.

Even Ted Koppel reported on foreign troops at Fort Polk in Louisiana. This is clearly not run-of-the-mill “reporting.” Koppel’s program dealt in depth with the May Nato and Russian satellite countries training for joint police and “peace keeping” efforts – supposedly in the Middle East or the old Soviet Union.

In many ways, it confirmed the “rumors” that have circulated for years. Koppel even allowed an objection by one of our U.S. soldiers, who expressed his reservations on being a soldier for world government, in contrast to what he believed he signed up for when he joined the Army.

He was answered by none other than the internationalist Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General John Shalikashvili who explained the need for a “changing” role for the U.S. military in today’s world.

Why was this program aired? Too many people already knew of these activities. The rumor mill had to be neutralized. It could also mean that the establishment thinks it’s time to further indoctrinate the American people in internationalism.

For a similar reason, George Bush proclaimed that we must work for a “New World Order.” He adamantly defended his authority to send 500,000 U.S. troops to the Persian Gulf as coming from the United Nations and not from the U.S. Congress.

The intended purpose of the program was to assure the public that this sort of unconstitutional activity is “vital for peace” and not an attempt – as it clearly is – to undermine national sovereignty. The Washington Post followed up by ridiculing any criticism of the operation as coming from paranoid militias. The paper said: “Some may have heard rumors that Fort Polk is under U.N. Command or part of some One World Order plot. It’s not true!”

O.K. I guess we should now forget about the whole issue.

Hear the testimony of U.S. Army medic Michael New, stationed in Germany. He is about to sent to Macedonia to serve in the U.N. Forces. He is objecting to wearing the U.N. beret and insignias, correctly arguing that he has no allegiance nor obligation to serve under the U.N. Command.

Michael is only 22, but he’s wise: “It symbolizes to me a shift of allegiance from the U.S., for whom I swore an oath, to the U.N. I swore an oath to the United States Constitution and I believe there is a fundamental difference in the U.N. Charter.” The Washington Times reports that after he complained to his commander, he concluded: “No one can explain to me why I am supposed to wear somebody else’s uniform. Basically I have questions that no one is willing to answer.”

If this patriotic young American refuses to wear the U.N. uniform, he will be court marshaled. Vigilance to fight for American sovereignty is needed as never before.

No Trespassing

Tim Nettleton has been sheriff of Owyhee County in Idaho for 24 years. On May 18th this year, he declared his county off limits to the federal government. He notified the bureaucrats with the Bureau of Land Management in Boise that he would no longer give them permission to act as armed officers. If they attempt to impound cattle, evacuate mining sites, or perform any other police action, he would arrest them.

The media have raked Nettleton over the coals for this announcement, but he refuses to bend. “For 20 years I cooperated” with the feds, he says. “I deputized them. Then I looked them in the eye and said, ‘What authority do you have to act as peace officers in the state of Idaho?[‘]” His argument is simple. The Constitution reserves police power to the states. If the federal government attempts to grab that power, it is acting illegally.

Nettleton says that after serious study he has concluded, as many American citizens have, that federal agents simply do not have jurisdiction. Someday such a challenge will end up precipitating violence or a successful battle in the courts. Let’s hope and pray for the latter.

Phony Train Wreck

The fiscal year ends soon, and any federal shutdown will be partial and short-lived. The possibility of floating more debt is irresistible to the politicians in charge of our national finance. A continuing resolution will surely be passed when needed.

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