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(The following contains language that may well be considered offensive. This post is an attempt to make clear what was written in past Ron Paul newsletters. More information can be found here)

added tax on goods along with a possible tax increase on capital gains as a way to reduce labor costs.

How can labor costs be reduced by raising taxes? They can’t. But the opinion that taxes increase labor costs and lead to unemployment is not let into the public debate. Once nations talk about unifying, whether it’s the European Union, a North American free trade zone or a worldwide trade organization, the first priority becomes taxing everyone to provide for centralized socialism.

When we look at the EC – a messy and wasteful centralizing bureaucracy that hasn’t helped anyone but the people who work for it and the socialist academics who defend it – we can see the future of North America under the Nafta agreement. That is why I continue to believe that a full-scale pullout of Nafta is essential. It’s the only way to prevent further damage, and nothing less will do.

Why He Traveled

Boy, how we were treated to government disinformation when Ron Brown died. If we listened to the establishment media you expected Mr. Brown to descend on a cloud to reveal his godly status before taking his seat on the right hand of the Father. Of course all of this hysterical praise was nonsense.

We’re always sorry when someone dies, and his family deserves our condolences. But let’s ask why this trip was being taken in the first place, and why 35 big businessmen just so happened to be on the plane with him.

Because of the crash, Brown escaped indictment for shady business dealings and now may achieve martyrdom. He was not on a peace mission pursuing his patriotic duty to bring prosperity to the Balkans.

Listen to the Houston Chronicle on the matter: “Commerce Secretary Ron Brown traveled the world leading troops of U.S. executives out to conquer foreign markets…Brown’s persistent advocacy of American business interests over the past few years quieted the long-standing complaints of U.S. executives.”

What business does the U.S. government and the U.S. military have in promoting corporate and banking interests in a war zone? This is done with taxpayer’s money and military aircraft without a whimper from the media. But both political parties use the government to promote international corporations, and that is the reason there is no criticism.

This recent accident is the first time that business interests got caught redhanded traipsing around the world in military aircraft. It makes it look like our military and the UN’s and NATO’s are merely serving the interests of the corporations, as the executives march to line up the profitable business ventures made possible by war and foreign aid.

The World Bank has revealed that it is planning on sending $5.1 billion to aid Bosnia over the next three years, at the expense of the American taxpayer. Businessmen obviously are very interested in getting in on the contracts. THis is nothing more than international redistribution of wealth.

The odds are slim that the Bosnian people, who are now being forced out of their homes a boundaries fluctuate, will benefit. The local politicians as well as the international corporations will be the beneficiaries.

Immediately after our troops arrived in Bosnia, a $1.2 billion contract with Brown & Root provided a strong incentive to the internationalists to continue this policy at the expense of the contracts for the Vietnam War, and for Haiti and Somalia as well. Behold the corporate-internationalist-militarist state in action.

Up and Up

There’s a certain political party (I bet you can guess which one) that does very well by the contributions it gets from military contractors. In last year’s military budget, the Republicans tacked on $7 billion more in expenditures. This year they’re planning to add $13 billion to President Clinton’s 1997 defense budget request.

Some conservatives believe that if anyone votes against spending in the military budget, he is weak on defense. Quite to the contrary, excessive spending in the defense budget only enhances the Military Industrial Complex and encourages activity such as the involvement in Bosnia. Tax dollars are the foundation of the New World Order, the international equivalent of the domestic welfare state.

I’m convinced that less expenditures and a wiser policy will enhance our national defense, not diminish it. Certainly we cannot afford another $13 billion in military spending under today’s conditions. It also gives us credibility if we’re willing to cut some of the wasteful military spending, to then go after welfare spending.

Funny Money

The new $100 bill even looks like a counterfeit. Indeed, the general population in the United States has not received the new $100 bill well. There have been reports of people refusing to accept the new bill, or refusing the old bill because of the new bill.

So far the issuance of this new money has not caused any large disturbances in the international exchange markets, but it may still be too early to tell how the new $100 bill will be

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