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1995 by Ron Paul & Associates, Inc.

May 15, 1995 Volume XI, Number 5

Join Me in the Battle For America

May I share some important news with you, that few outside my family now know? Plans are being laid for my return to the U.S. Congress. Your help is essential, and in the days ahead, nothing will come before you, and our shared mission of freedom and prosperity.

When I was first elected to Congress in 1976, I ran to expose and try to solve the serious banking and currency problems that I saw ahead. For four terms in the House of Representatives and on the Banking Committee, I battled the Fed, the IRS, the BATF, and every other tyrannical agency of the central government. I championed sound money, the Constitution, small government, an end to debt, the free market, and an America First foreign policy. Boy, was I unpopular in some circles!

The ex-Rockefeller banker Paul Volcker, then head of the Federal Reserve, considered me his prime opponent. The Trilateralist Alan Greenspan will not be happy that I will take him on.

I think I did some good in educating the American people, and my fellow Congressmen, on just how far we’ve moved from the founding principles of America, principles that have just as much validity today as they did in 1776. As to my accomplishments in normal legislative terms, they included the U.S. Gold Commission, the minting of American Gold Eagles, and the exposure of the Monetary Control Act and various “crime” bills that only strengthened the criminals in Washington.

But since I refused to vote for pork-barrel spending in my own district, let alone anyone else’s, and since I took my oath before God to uphold the Constitution as a religious duty, I could not play the “you-scratch-my-back, I’ll scratch-yours” games so common to Congress. That is the path to sellout, and I did not go to the Congress to betray the great ideas you and I are dedicated to.

So, instead of the usual “achievement” of a Congressman – a new federal palace built in his district or a handout for this special interest or that – I was able to lead a national movement for sound money and sound government in the Jeffersonian tradition.

This led a number of patriotic Americans who worked for everything from the Fed to the Mint to the tax police to send me information on the various schemes and crimes our rulers planned to perpetrate on the American people. I checked them out, analyzed them, and exposed them. That prevented, at least for a time, such horrors as the New Money, and that was also the genesis of this newsletter.

Today, Americans are much more aware of just how dangerous the government is, and much angrier about it, then they were in 1976, and they are less and less satisfied with mere rhetoric from our political leaders. How sweet it is.

Yet the depreciation, regulations, taxes, spending, and deficits continue to balloon, as our liberties are circumscribed. The Leviathan state and its special interests have not learned their lesson, despite the November 1994 elections, so I intend to teach them by rallying the forces all across America to fight for our ideas in Washington.

Even though I left Congress undefeated in 1984, I have continued to fight for our property and our freedom through the Ron Paul Survival Report and the National Endowment for Liberty. That will not change. My commitment to you will only strengthen as I fight the internationalists, the big bankers, the spenders, the inflators, and the liars who populate the city named in honor of George Washington, but which is dedicated to destroying everything he and the other Founding Fathers gave their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor for.

Now that my five children are grown and educated, I’ve listened to the many supporters who’ve urged me to return to office. I can now give up my medical practice, and dedicate every fiber of my being to saving our country. So much must be done before the financial and monetary crisis that you and I know is coming hits, so that the statists cannot use it to destroy what’s left of our liberty. Rather, the crisis must see a new birth of freedom. And with your help, I am convinced we can do it.

I live and vote in Texas Congressional District 14 – a large area that runs from my home in Surfside to north of Corpus Christi and east of Austin (It does not include the liberals of Austin.) The two largest cities are San Marcos and Victoria.

This is a rural district of hardworking, decent Americans, and therefore quite conservative. National and state-level Republicans win the 14th with ease, and yet a Democrat still holds the Congressional seat. But he is tainted with legal and ethical problems, a statist voting record, and poor communications skills. He can be beaten.

In 1988, I ran an educational campaign for President and did some good. But my wonderful wife Carol now tells me that it’s time to win.

We live in exciting times, when revolutionary change for freedom is possible, yet danger lurks around every corner. Our privacy is gone, our security is gone, illegal searches are now commonplace and religious freedom is challenged daily. Janet Reno and Bill Clinton are even establishing a 2,500-member federal police army to oppress any area of the country that gives the raspberry to D.C.

Even the new Congress, in the name of law and order, trampled the Fourth Amendment by permitting warrantless invasions of our homes and businesses. Yet lip service is given to the Tenth Amendment by a man like Bob Dole. The people are ready for the freedom revolution our country so desperately needs. But there are many wolves in sheep’s clothing who deceive the people. We need honest leadership for the crisis ahead.

Welfarism is coming to an end, thanks to the impending American bankruptcy, and we need someone to tell us, in a clear and consistent voice, that the only alternative worth considering is liberty. No more freeloading!

We must also battle the Establishment forces that would use the coming chaos to establish a fascist state and a one-world government. We are Americans first, last, and always. We should get out of the corrupt UN, the World Bank, the IMF, Nafta, and the World Trade Organization. And that’s just the beginning.

So much hangs in the balance. Join with me to stand up for liberty, hard money, the Constitution, and the American people against the foreignists, statists, and corruptionists who have betrayed our republic.

While all the political consultants say that a Republican can win in the 14th, a successful race by a maverick will need the support of Americans all across our country who are dedicated to freedom. There is no other way to beat the politics-as-usual vote-traders in the Republican primary.

More Bailouts Ahead?

In the Mexican bailout, the White House, the Congress, the Federal Reserve, the Treasury, and many big banks and brokerage houses were implicated in the biggest financial scam of the century. It was very messy and very open. The American people were in shock and ready to revolt, but they lacked a leader to organize them. All their leaders were on the other side.

It appears the bad guys will get away with it this time. But this was far from the last such bailout. The Establishment is now asking: what happens next time? Will we get away with it again? Will the political situation allow it? Will the American people explode in revolt? Apparently, many within big government and big business have decided that, next time, they will not take the risk.

Rep. Jim Leach (R-IA) chairs the House Banking Committee, and he has been chosen as the Congressional leader will make the next bailout smooth. So he wants to create a world-wide lender of last resort.

Writing in the Wall Street Journal (April 10, 1995), Leach calls for “an alternative way to stabilize illiquid nation-states.” “In domestic commerce,” he says, “such an approach exists in the reorganization provision of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.” He wants a Chapter 11 for the global financial system!

Governments are naturally financially irresponsible. They have few if any incentives to keep debt low and money sound. But give them the opportunity to go bankrupt whenever they want, and a dangerous moral hazard appears. Why not stay bankrupt most of the time, borrowing until the bust comes and rely on someone else to pay the bills?

Yes, governments will love this idea, and many in the third

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