The Ron Paul Newsletters / Ron Paul Paper Trail – Survival Report January 1993

(The following contains language that may well be considered offensive. This post is an attempt to make clear what was written in past Ron Paul newsletters. More information can be found here)

tiny Reich is a huge advocate of labor union demands; including closed shops, high minimum wage, child labor laws, occupational restrictions, family leave, and massive subsidies for government unions. He is a founding member of the Economic Policy Institute, the AFL-CIO’s think tank. (Reich claims to be 4’11”, but friends at Harvard reveal he’s only 4’8″.)

Donna Shalala, Secretary of Health and Human Services. As former chancellor of the University of Wisconsin, this short lesbian called for speech codes prohibiting “racist” and “homophobic” speech, calling white heterosexuals “racist and sexist.” She instituted an extreme quota system for hiring at her university. She was also the successor to Hillary Clinton as chairman of the pinko Children’s Defense Fund.

Laura D’Andrea Tyson, chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers. She is a left-wing Keynesian professor at Berkeley. In the Los Angeles Times, she argued that “there is no relationship between the level of taxes a nation pays and its economic performance.” What!? And she made her “reputation” defending Yugoslavian and Czechoslovakian reformist communism.

Carol Browner, administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. She was Al Gore’s former top environmental aide, director of his transition team, and reputed ghostwriter of his book. She is terrible on the environment, openly embracing the most extreme measures. EPA will become a cabinet agency within months.

Ron Brown, Secretary of Commerce. Former head of the Urban League racial victimologist, and lobbyist, he will insure the economy serves the purpose of egalitarian social engineering. Though known as a moderate, that means he is slightly to the right of Jesse Jackson.

Gold and South Africa

“In October, the South African Gold Share Index went into a steep decline, sliding 15.2% in a one-month period, while the North American Gold Share Index declined a modest 1.2% in the same month.” The divergence between the two indices, adds my recommended gold stock broker Greg Orrell, along with a drop in the value of the financial rand, points to a growing uneasiness with the dewhiteization of South Africa.

The main problem remains Nelson Mandela and his insistence on marginalizing whites. Further complicating the issue is the power struggle between Mandela, a member of the Xhosa tribe, and M. Buthelezi, who presides over the Zulu-based Inkatha Freedom Party. Buthelezi is now pushing to have the country split up into republics, of which he will govern one. One could also be white, which would prevent the horrific bloodshed now looming.

If a civil war does break out in South Africa, there is little doubt we will see the New World Order come to the rescue in the form of a UN intervention. Once in control, the UN would most likely turn over power to Communist fellow-traveler Mandela.

“The events in South Africa will certainly not be lost on the gold market,” adds Greg. “With 600 tons of annual gold production, South Africa continues to account for approximately a quarter of worldwide gold production. Although some mines may continue to produce through the civil strife, the market will perceive imminent shortages, forcing the market players (namely the Middle East syndicate) who have bet that gold will be heading lower to scramble to cover their short positions. This event will propel the gold market higher, reversing its downward trend of the past 12 years.” Once the market turns bullish, the economic news that seemed to be of no consequence to the gold market previously will suddenly take on new meaning.

Central Bankers licking their wounds from the European currency crisis in September where they lost a minimum of $6 billion, would welcome a sharp increase in the value of their gold holdings in order to help them reliquify the banking system that has been ravaged by loan defaults. More than 25% of global monetary reserves are held in gold. If it is the plan of the New World Order to increase the price of gold in order to reliquify the banking system, the South African situation would appear to be all too convenient of an event versus a financial panic. One would almost have to think there was some type of conspiracy going on.

“If you are a holder of South African gold shares or Escom bonds,” says Greg, and I agree, “consider limiting your holdings to an amount you can comfortably afford to lose.” One way to hedge your South African gold share position is to take a position in North American gold shares.

The Somalian Question

It is supposed to be the “purest” military operation, sending our troops to an African country to feed the starving. That’s why the Left favors the action in Somalia. But so does the Right. Polls show upwards of 80$ support for this “humanitarian” mission, and many well-meaning Americans are distraught over the suffering of Somalia.

Yet the invasion, like almost all of our foreign operations, is not constitutionally or morally justified. The worst things governments do appear under the label “humanitarian.” As Ludwig von Mises said, governments exist for the purpose of administering coercion, whether to enforce contracts or to punish criminals. Never trust a government that claims it is doing more. The Pentagon is not Mother Theresa and the Marines are not the Salvation Army.

What could be the motivation for our action in Somalia, if not for the humanitarian? It could be to maintain a firmer hold on the Middle East; the CIA is aware of the strengthening of Iran’s war-machine. Ethnic rivalries continue and the radical fundamentalists are making headway. This is something that Clinton may have to contend with in a major way during his four years in office. If in six months American [sic] continues to have the military, and a strong base, in Somalia, my suspicions will be confirmed.

Something else we should keep in mind: every black nation in world history has the same problems as Somalia, including tribal warfare primitivism, socialism, totalitarianism, and starvation. This is true, for example, in Angola, Liberia, Mozambique, Sudan, Uganda, and Zaire.

This is not simply because the inhabitants are black, but because blacks in general, both in the U.S. and Africa, have become dependent on others. In America, blacks have allowed themselves to become enslaved in a welfare system. Black countries of Africa do the same thing by demanding and getting foreign aid from Western countries.

If a black nation could ever break from its history and adopt Western standards of law and religion, it would have a decent standard of living. It would need only to follow the advice of free-market economists to end its suffering. But this requires a religious and cultural infrastructure. A military operation cannot substitute. Until Africans accept the principles of liberty, private property, and the free market, nothing will change the long-term direction toward total poverty.

Another Theory on Somalia

The public is not going to spend $300 billion-plus on a sector of the government, the military, that sits around waiting for another Soviet Union to pop up. The Pentagon needs to demonstrate it is good for something else, otherwise its budget would be cut. Thus Somalia is simply a means of budget protection.

An official in the Army told me that the Somalian invasion is a means of rebaptizing the military for use in a Clintonized America. In the eighties, the military was running secret wars against communist regimes. That is out in the Age of Clinton. We need a military with a conscience, one that is sensitive, multicultural, and humanitarian, like the Clinton administration itself. The answer: send troops to feed starving blacks in a foreign land.

Federal Kidnapping Undone

Remember when the federal government, against all treaties and legitimate international law, paid an armed gang to kidnap a Mexican doctor, Humberto Alvarez Machain, and bring him back to the U.S. in chains? The feds alleged that he had helped torture a DEA agent in Mexico, and despite Mexican protests, the Supreme Court ruled that the U.S. could kidnap foreigners and bring them here for trial. (Of course, no foreign government can do that here. Why, that would be illegal.)

Now it turns out that the feds had no evidence that the man had been involved in the torture, which anyway had taken place on Mexican soil. The judge threw the case out of court, but the “Justice” Department is appealing, and seeking to keep him here. When their appeal fails, the feds said under no circumstances would they pay his way home, despite having held him in prison for two years without evidence.

The Norplant “Solution”

What do you do if an entire generation of young people, their consciences stripped of Western standards of morality, begins to imitate the rabbit population in its mating habits? In Baltimore, Maryland, the city fathers decided to make Norplant birth control available. That means these people can hop from partner to partner without risking pregnancy. What about the moral crisis? Norplant, of course, does not address that, and by making sex cost-free, it will actually increase the youths< desire for free sex.

Norplant is treating a symptom, not a disease. The program is presently voluntary, but I worry it will soon become compulsory for economic reasons. After all, $750 for the cost of the implant is cheaper than the parental care of an infant. A principal of a large Baltimore high school explained that this was not a big deal and it was "just another service."

Baltimore has long been a progressive leader in the area of sex education, and for the distribution of birth control pills and condoms. I guess that didn't work out too well in an amoral community. The dilemma they now face is that if all the girls have Norplant, there will be no incentive whatsoever to comply with the wishes of the social planners to use condoms. Universal use of birth control will encourage promiscuous sex and increase the incidence of AIDS.

A Real Rocky Mountain High

From the media hysteria, you’d think neo-Nazis had taken over Colorado. What else could explain the fact that the people of this state resisted “progress” towards providing gays with “civil rights”? Well, there is always the principle of equality before the law. Coloradans have clued into the best-kept secret in modern public life: namely, anti-discrimination laws are by their nature preferential.

It is for this reason that voters passed a constitutional amendment saying that gays could not get special treatment. But organized gays and Hollywood are up in arms. Hollywood, led by Barbara Streisand, has demanded a boycott of Colorado, and in particular it’s ski resorts because of the recently passed amendment (But that won’t prevent people from using their fancy homes this winter.)

From a libertarian viewpoint, the Colorado amendment is exactly right. It takes the pro-libertarian position of preventing legislation that would force businesses to hire homosexuals against their will. It allows owners of houses and apartments not to rent or sell to gays if that’s their choice. The amendment protects the civil liberties of all citizens by guaranteeing voluntary contracts.

Homosexuals want the right to have sexual relations as they please. Most people agree that there is little government can do to stop them. But gays also want the right to trample on heterosexual’s private property. It’s amazing that gays cannot see that property owners ought to have the same right of voluntary association that they want for themselves.

The gay community wants special privileges. This is not true of libertarian homosexuals, however, because they can see and understand the difference. It is the radical liberal gays who cause the conflict and resentment.

Poor Marge Schott!

Remember the thought crimes from the novels of Orwell and Huxley? It’s not fiction in America, if the case of Cincinnati Reds owner Marge Schott is any evidence. She made some private comments that crossed the line of political correctness. Did she announce these words from the mountaintop? No she was on the telephone. Yet she is being crucified.

The outcry is simply unbelievable. Dave Parker, the ringleader in condemning Schott and demanding her punishment, admitted on television that he did not have the common courtesy of accepting a phone call from Schott once the story broke. He also admitted that while playing for her for four years, he never once heard her say one derogatory thing about him or any other player, or anybody, for that matter.

Schott’s leftist critics have no concern about the first amendment. Nor does anyone care that her property rights are involved as well. Even if she used undesirable language, this is hardly a justification for taking her property from her and kicking her out of baseball.

Isn’t it interesting, by the way, that those individuals who are most concerned about this type of language never seem to mind when someone uses the Creator’s name in vain?

Kids of all colors and religions have put up with name calling for thousands of years. I can recall names such as four-eyes, skinny, fatty, rich kid, sissy, smarty pants, teacher’s pet, Mama’s boy, etc. One of the earliest lessons that most kids learn in dealing with this problem is to say: “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.” This is a libertarian principle: be vulgar if you want, just don’t use sticks and stones. And don’t be a crybaby.

The Costs of Equality

A 17-year-old girl wanted to play football at a Maryland high school. Rather than absorbing the high costs of defending against lawsuits, school authorities let her play. Yet in the very first scrimmage, the young girl was injured. So she is suing the high school for $1.5 million arguing, believe it or not, that no one told her of the risks of serious injuries while playing football. If she wins that one, somebody ought to invent a way to impeach juries and trial lawyers.

Clinton’s School Choice

The media has made a big deal out of which school the Clintons will send their daughter Chelsea to. If they send her to a public school in Washington, D.C., they will do damage to their own child’s education. If they send her to a private school, they will confirm the hypocrisy of most liberals in Washington. For the most part, the Kennedy-type liberals have never sent their kids to public schools. Yet they are the greatest opponents of the autonomy of private schools.

The Donald Scott Case

Last month I reported on the millionaire, Don Scott, who was killed by police during a drug bust where no drugs were found. It was alleged by one of his friends in the police department that this was a planned seizure of property with the idea of getting it forfeited to the police.

Additional information has come out now: Scott had refused to sell his ranch to the federal government. There has been a planned expansion of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area to include his place, and he was unwilling to sell. Could this refusal to sell have motivated the authorities to do what they did?

People Prefer Their Own

William Clark, professor of demographics at UCLA, conducted a study, prior to the LA riots on living preferences according to race. His conclusion, reported by Reuter [sic], was that all groups preferred to live in neighborhoods where their particular racial group is a majority. In other words, when people are allowed to make their own decisions, they prefer segregation, not the integration mandated by Washington. Clark’s findings resulted from interviews with 2,600 individuals. This study

(missing page 5)

it down, it appears that a smooth unification of Europe is not going to happen.

A Cashless Test

Global Concepts, Inc., of Atlanta, Georgia has designed a debit card system intended to replace all currency in circulation in the entire city. It will go into place in this decade. Although other tests of a cashless society in regional areas have been made and not been readily accepted, there continues to be a determination of certain individuals to push this concept.

Some trends toward using cards instead of cash would be natural and not threatening. For instance, the use of a credit card in a pay telephone might make sense. But forcing a city, state, or country to use a debit card in a cashless society doesn’t make sense and should be met with great resistance.

Gays and the Military

Should gays be allowed in the military? This should be up to the military. If those in charge of the military are convinced that this would be detrimental to the national defense, this should be enough reason to prevent gay activists from serving. This is not a curtailment of civil liberties. In fact, the military discriminates all the time. For example, if an individual does not have proper eyesight, he will not be allowed to fly jet aircraft.

If military leaders are convinced that homosexuals are no great threat, the question turns on whether or not they should be integrated in the same manner as others. Even though women serve in the military, they are not expected to use the same shower as men. Homosexuals, if admitted, should be put in a special category and not allowed in close physical contact with heterosexuals.

Equal Opportunity

According to Forbes magazine, in 1984, David Freeman clubbed his wife, fracturing her skull, severing her ear, and leaving her partially deaf. The judge acquitted Freeman as temporarily insane. His employer, the town of Duxbury, Massachusetts, where Freeman served as a fireman, decided that it would be unwise to rehire such a dangerous person. After seven years of litigation, Freeman won a discrimination suit against the city. The Massachusetts Commission against Discrimination claimed that the city discriminated against “a handicapped person.”

Freeman was then reinstated and award [sic] $200,000 plus 12% interest for back pay and emotional distress. This hefty award comes out of the pockets of the Duxbury taxpayers, who also had to pay the huge legal costs. And just think, George Bush pushed through and signed a national law similar to this.

The Future of Pensions

President Clinton and his gang are planning to direct the investment of public pension funds. These are the funds belonging to municipal, state, and federal workers. That means, of course, supporting the federal government’s debt. Can private funds be far behind? The temptation to interfere will be overwhelming once the market refuses to buy government debt in the middle of this decade, for Clinton and his cronies to intervene and force Americans to buy Treasury debt and invest in other social causes.

In 1991, unbacked pension liabilities rose 13%. We can expect this to get worse as deflation of financial assets continues. The Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation, an agency of government guaranteeing private pensions, states that there are already more than $24 billion in unbacked pensions. The PBGC is already facing a $2.5 billion deficit, and it is growing rapidly. The dissolution of the pension system in this country will probably continue, to collide eventually with the dissolution of the social security system.

Economic Notes

1. Trade. As European and U.S. negotiators announced a settlement over the dispute on farm subsidies, French and American farmers were far from satisfied. Although GATT officially ruled the French to be at fault in this particular trade squabble, it’s only relative. When George Bush visited Australia not too long ago, the Australian farmers demonstrated against our protectionist wheat measures that hurt them. In that same trip Bush went on to Tokyo to demand Japan open up its markets to American rice. Much lip service goes to free trade, but free trade to most of the internationalists means managed trade.

Although a full-fledged trade war is not likely to erupt in the next year, the trend away from free trade and toward more protectionism seems certain. The European and Japanese economies are getting weaker, which will help precipitate another downturn in the U.S. economy. As economies weaken, the demand for protection grows. It’s always easy for politicians to blame foreigners, and freedom, for their own bad fiscal and monetary policies.

2. Housing. Establishment economists had predicted a rise in housing starts for October. Instead the report showed a 1.1% decline or 40,000 fewer starts. This has astounded the experts who “knew” that low mortgage rates would solve all our problems. What this tells us is that the malinvestment of the 70s and 80s was worse than most had figured. The government statistics on the health of the economy remain ambivalent to say the least. It seems for every positive report there’s a negative one. People continue to feel gloomy about the economy.

3. Money. The money supply continues to grow at an accelerated rate. M2 was up $7 billion in one December week. Even though there may be many who would like to see a cashless society, currency continues to grow at nearly a 10% rate. Much of it ends up in foreign countries in the underground economy. As long as it stays there, this $325 billion doesn’t affect our price levels. When confidence in the dollar erodes and this cash comes home, it will make up for lost time. It will represent new money and the Fed will have no control over it.

4. Coins. Coin sales are up throughout the country since it became clear that Clinton would win. Long term, getting one ounce gold coins under $400 will prove to be a bargain. But gold at $350 is that much better. This is good time to add to one’s holdings – get the bullion at discount, while our government artificially suppresses gold prices in its continued effort to prop up the paper currencies and stock markets of the world.

5. The Deficit. Clinton has a five-year plan to cut the federal deficit by 50%. Weren’t five-years plans a concoction of Soviet planners? For those of you who have been motivated to prepare for survival rather than anticipate sanity in Washington have no fear. Achieving a diminished deficit in five years is next to impossible.

More realistically we should heed the warning of Harry Figgie in his book Bankruptcy 1995 that the inevitable worsening of our fiscal crisis will climax in an economic calamity in 1995. If you haven’t bought the best seller yet, it is a great read.

The Disappearing White Majority

“Census: White Majority To Shrink in Next 60 Years” ran the headline in the Washington Times. The Census Department has suddenly changed its predictions. Consider the new data. Whites now account for 75% of the population, but if current immigration and birth rates continue, whites will total just 53% by the year 2050. As whites are dying off, they are not replacing themselves. Meanwhile, Asian immigration is taking off and black births are booming. The black population, now about 32 million will double in the next 60 years. And the Hispanic population will triple.

I know it is considered impolite to worry about this trend. We are all the same under the skin, the argument goes. Whether the truth of that assertion, it is an empirical fact that, in a mixed-economy democracy, nearly every racial and ethnic group votes its group interest except the white population. Whites don’t vote for candidates that promise to promote white interests, whereas blacks and Hispanics do.

Groups other than whites have strong ethnic and racial identities. They are devoted to using the State to advance their cause. That, inevitably, means more welfare, more affirmative action, more grants of privilege, etc. That demographic shifts have pronounced political implications should go without saying.

What is often forgotten is how such changes affect our culture. Nearly every other group but whites are allowed a certain degree of cultural autonomy. Blacks have black schools, clubs, and neighborhoods. The same is true of Hispanics. It is human nature that like attract likes. But whites are not allowed to express this same human impulse. Except in a de facto sense, there can be no white schools, white clubs, or white neighbor hoods. The political system demands white integration, while allowing black segregation.

The youth culture is already driven by ghetto music and ghetto values. Just look at the clothing young people wear today (baggy jeans, backwards hats, high-top sneakers) and the music they listen to (which has a thumping beat once heard only on a safari). And the sexual ethics of our youth are also degenerating to the level of the ghetto.

Is there any way to stop the trend? No politician of any major party is going to speak out on these themes (although the one who does would do quite well). But there is a way to save your own children. Every home should be dedicated to Western standards of religion, music, values, education, dress, and manners. We need a cultural remnant as much as a financial one.

Ronald Reagan’s Contemptible Speech

Leftists were already praising Ronald Reagan’s fundraising for the Gorbachev Foundation, which has sheltered communists from prosecution and public scorn in Moscow. But they loved his December speech at Oxford University. Gone were the calls to cut the size of government. Instead, he was an advocate of Trilateral dreams.

“Will we turn inward lulled by a dangerous complacency and the shortsighted view that the end of one Evil Empire means the permanent banishment of evil in all its forms?” But those who have advocated getting back to the business of being a free country now that Cold War [sic] is over, have never argued the evil is gone from the earth. We simply argue that not all evil is the U.S. taxpayers’ to banish. Dangerous complacency? It is keeping with George Washington’s wish that we avoid entangling alliances.

“Wherever there are forces” that “diminish human potential,” they must be countered.” Human potential? Is New Age blather enough now to send in the Marines?

Reagan not only endorsed our African food-stamp program, but to call [sic] for immediate intervention in Bosnia. “What I propose then, is nothing less than a humanitarian velvet glove backed by a steel fist of military force,” he said.

Wilsonian internationalism led to the creation of the multinational phony nation of Yugoslavia in the first place. We must not get involved. Europe should handle Europe’s problems.

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