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(The following contains language that may well be considered offensive. This post is an attempt to make clear what was written in past Ron Paul newsletters. More information can be found here)

In a park behind the railroad station known as the Platzspitz, everything is legally for sale at a market price, from crack to heroin. Many people worried about such an experiment attracting good youth, but the spectacle of the gaunt, pathetic addicts is no advertisement for drugs.

This is no panacea. Pitiful people still harm themselves with drugs, but at least they’re not out hitting innocent Swiss people over the head to get their fix. And addicts who want spiritual or medical help can get it, without the fear of going to jail. And AIDS transmission is cut down because clean needles are available cheaply.

It is not complete legalization, nor does it solve all social ills, but it is a big improvement. Are you listening, Washington?


The tactics of the homosexual lobby seem to get more extreme by the day. Recently, a group invaded Catholic services at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City and proceeded to shriek, sound air horns, lie down in the aisles, desecrate the Eucharist, toss condoms, wave sacrilegious drawings of Jesus Christ, and handcuff themselves to the pews. Meanwhile, thousands more screamed outside. I’m not Catholic, but even aside from the violations of private property involved, I find this morally outrageous.

The demonstrations were organized by ACT UP: the Aids Coalition To Unleash Power because the Catholic Church has lobbied against homosexual propaganda in the public schools. Victor Mendolia, spokesman for ACT UP, calls lobbying against such programs “criminal.” That is the correct description for his organization, of course.

A well-known Libertarian editor just back from New York told me: “The ACT-UP slogan, on stickers plastered all over Manhattan, is ‘Silence = Death.’ But shouldn’t it be ‘Sodomy = Death’?”

Meanwhile, speaking of acting up, my former church, the Episcopal, has just ordained its first openly gay priest. “I’m floating on air,” said the Rev. J. Robert Williams. Among the people attending the ordination in Newark, New Jersey–conducted by liberal Bishop John Shelby Spong–were James Skelly, Williams’s live-in companion.

Dan Rather Explained

Just because I favor the legalization of drugs doesn’t mean I favor using them, of course. As a physician, I know they’re bad stuff. Who knows what effect some can have? They might even turn you into a raving liberal.

jan 1990

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