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(The following contains language that may well be considered offensive. This post is an attempt to make clear what was written in past Ron Paul newsletters. More information can be found here)

The Ron Paul
Survival Report

1993 Ron Paul & Associates, Inc., Houston, Texas

March 15, 1993 Volume IX, Number 3

Clinton’s Illegitimate Children

During the presidential campaign, black activist Robert “Say” McIntosh of Arkansas distributed a list of Clinton’s illegitimate children, black and white: “woods colts” in backwoods slang. The mainstream media, protecting Clinton as they did, ignored the story. But a few tabloids picked up on the information (just as they had on former Clinton mistress Gennifer Flowers, to whom he gave a state job). But then McIntosh stopped making his accusations.

Why? “Bill Clinton told me he would get my son out of prison,” McIntosh said in an interview, according to a front page story in the Washington Times. “He told me he had taken care of it, that the matter had been handled.”

His son is indeed out of jail, where he had been serving a 50 year term as a major crack dealer. He was released by black politician Jerry Jewell, the president pro tempore of the state senate who became acting governor for four days. Jewell also released two black murderers and a white burglar.

There was a tremendous uproar, with the NAACP defending Jewell, but most Arkansans were furious. The trouble was that Jewell, when questioned about the pardons, did not know the names or the crimes of those he had released. As the Times reported, the “requisite documents” had been prepared in the “office of the governor” before Clinton went to Washington.

In Arkansas, they call it “The Deal” and the “Son of Say.” If true, it sure gives us a glimpse into the real Clinton.

Clinton’s Sacrificial Altar

Clinton is calling on Americans to “sacrifice,” i.e., give more of their money to the crooks, clowns, and morons who make up Washington, D.C. He also calls higher taxes “contributions.” (Try telling the IRS you want to reduce your contribution this year!)

He promised to tax only the “rich,” a category that kept broadening. During the campaign, he defined it as anyone making more than $200,000. During a televised address, he lowered the figure to $100,000. That announcement made Wall Street panic, and the Dow plunged 80 points. The next day he dropped it again, this time to $30,000.

Here’s what the statist Willie wants, as a start:

-a new rate of 36% for income over $140,000, (joint returns), $127,500 (head of households), and $115,000 (single)
-a new rate of 39.6% for incomes over $250,000
-an increased corporate tax rate of 36%
-an energy tax
-tax on Social Security
-elimination of deductions for club membership, lowering the percentage for business meals that can be deducted from 80% to 50%, and increased IRS enforcement

Then he wants more taxes on:

-insurance premiums
-health-care benefits that go beyond the government’s plan
-corporations (perhaps as high as 45%)
-tobacco, alcohol, guns, plastic surgery, and other “non-critical” medical procedures

He is also planning a national sales tax: the value added tax. It will start small, and most Americans who don’t own businesses won’t object. But as in England and Europe, it will grow into another tax monster.

The first round is supposed to raise #328.3 billion. That’s the biggest tax increase in history, larger than Reagan’s in 1982, and larger than Bush’s in 1990.

What about the much-vaunted cuts in spending? Clinton lists many increased taxes in the spending “cut” column! That includes such items as “increased FDA user fees” ($1 billion) and increased “U.S. Customs merchandise and passenger processing fees,” ($1.25 billion). He also “increased tax compliance” as a cut of $1 billion! “Cutting” equals more visits from the tax police! In fact, there are no cuts of any significance, and lots of increases.

Clinton, despite the talk, also has no interest in cutting the deficit. It will still grow, just allegedly slower. The truth is that Clinton and his friends like to tax. They like to spend (and call it investment). They like to centralize government. They are statists who cannot stand the idea that people are allowed to make money and spend it the way they want. In short, they have a socialist impulse.

Patriotism, said Dr. Johnson, is “the last refuge of the scoundrel.” So Clinton calls agreeing with his campaign of statism “patriotism.” Of course, it is the reverse.

Combine the tax increases, the “investment,” nationalized medical care, and “national service,” and the much vaunted New Covenant comes down to fascism. Heil Willie.

Trouble at Treasury

We can get a taste of future Clintonism by his appointment of Alicia Munnell as assistant treasury secretary for economic policy. Formerly an economist for the Boston branch of the Federal Reserve, she is an extreme leftist who has three policy goals at Treasury:

1. Tax Private Pensions. She wants to levy a 15% tax on private pension plans before any money is distributed.

2. Provide Bank-Based Welfare. She wants banks to make loans to blacks on a quota basis, ignoring their lower credit ratings, savings, incomes, and job stability.

3. Raise the Inheritance Tax. It’s already too high, but this egalitarian wants to make it even more difficult for parents to pass on their savings to their children. The buzzards are already circling.

Price Controls

Clinton has the cast of mind that favors price controls. In his demagogic speech against drug companies, he complained that the price of prescription drugs is too high. He pointed out that increases in the last few years have out paced the inflation rate. He further argued that tax breaks for drug companies ought to be curtailed to the same extent that their prices rise above cost of living increases.

He’s right that the price increases have been too high, thanks to government-created artificial demand under Medicare and Medicaid, a demand he will increase through national health insurance.

Clinton labeled the drug price increases as “greed,” the cry of the Stalinist. When inflation gets higher, we can expect him to consider outlawing price increases. There are ways to survivce, ways I learned under the Nixon controls and from history and economics. Watch this space if Clinton does this to us.

More Haitians?

If there is one thing we don’t need in this country, its more Haitians immigrants [sic] with AIDS. Congratulations to the Senate for stopping, at least temporarily, Clinton’s plan to have the AIDSians move here to die at $100,000 a pop, courtesy of the taxpayers. But what does it tell us about Clinton that he would like all the Haitians, AIDS carriers and otherwise, to go on U.S. welfare in Florida? That he hates the real America.

Jesse Jackson went on a hunger strike to protest the idea of keeping the Haitians in Haiti, or at least out of the U.S. Unfortunately, he went off the diet. As usual his motive seems to be pure malice towards white people.

You Can’t Fire a Freak

Say you hire a man to work for you, but then he begins dressing like a woman. He further announces his intention to get a sex change operation. Grossed out, you fire him. Based on a precedent from a Jacksonville, Florida, case, you would be guilty of discrimination against him/her on the basis of a disability, in this case, transsexualism. The guy who decided he was a woman trapped in a man’s body got the job back, and a $150,000 cash reward!

Harry Schultz on the Strategy Report

Harry D. Schultz, publisher of the well-respected International Harry Schultz Letter, writes to say how much he enjoys the Ron Paul Survival Report. “You are a vanguard,”

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